Maybe Communist China Has More Decency Than "Democratic" Philippines Huh?

When China comes to mind, it reminds me of one of history's most cruel figures namely Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward while mercilessly blowing away all who opposed his administration. If another yet notorious figure in China is Deng Xiaopeng in whose administration the otherwise intended to be peaceful rally at Tiananmen ended pretty bloody because the Chinese government ran them over. In fact, one must question the decency between Communist China and "democratic Philippines".

A few years ago back in 2008, the melamine plague hit China and there was a corrupt health minister. When China found out that many of these fake products entered several parts of the world, they demanded a recall of all these bad products in exchange. They had all the corrupt officials involved to be executed. The melamine scandal was taken care off by the Chinese government. Would have the incident happened in the Philippines, don't expect the government to take care of it. Zhang Yujin and Gong Jinping who were involved in the whole scandal were EXECUTED so the false accusation that China doesn't execute its own people is null and void. In fact, the Philippines should do the same to health officials who even allowed the smuggling of such goods in the first place!

Later, one case that China should not be ashamed of was in executing those Pinoy drug mules no matter how much VP Binay of the Philippines tried to plead. Why should China even give in to the pleas of Pinoys? For them whether it be their countrymen or not, guilty is guilty. I mean, China before the rise of Maoist powers had encountered the opium war. Enough is enough, no more drugs! And so they'll combat any drug distributor even their own countrymen. In China, criminals are punished accordingly these days and not according to their own brand of racism. China doesn't need Filipinos, it has its own people!

China has probably gotten over its Chinese pride, has allowed more free trade barriers taken down unlike in the past when China was pretty ethnocentric which led to its poverty for some time. Why hasn't the Philippines learned from that example? Simple, the Chinese people have developed, Pinoys refuse to do so. Also it looks like China has at least more freedom than the Philippines. Chinese networks are open to receiving foreign shows and two, their leaders are probably more respectable that libel doesn't need to be redefined. Despite being Communist, China has become more open to foreign businesses and two, it may be even a better place to invest.

When you think of it, China has more decency these days. People follow simple guidelines so well it's very orderly. Most of its citizens are punctual, courteous, dignified, thrifty and have a huge sense of respect. What about the Pinoys? Many of them can't even follow simple guidelines shown by their crude language, speaking Tagalog in the workplaces ABROAD, spend more than their means and are usually habitually late. So you see, looks like the Pinoy pridists has all their "valid reasons" to hate China huh?