Revise NOT Repeal the Anti-Cybercrime Law!

The cybercrime can be good if it's got good provisions.  So what are these?  One must realize that crime isn't always preventable and that suing a person must only happen when damage is done.  Rules are made and punishments are only made when rules are broken.  So just my thoughts on Miriam's provisions on the cybercrime law.

So what do I think?

One, nobody must be traced all the time for their activities because it violates security more than it protects it.  In other words, only when a person has been hacking into others privacy or harassing somebody can harsh penalties be met DEPENDING on the damage.  If any harassment can be prevented by a mere block on a social networking site then that's it.

Two, any opinions voiced against the stupidity of the onion-skinned politicians is NOT a cybercrime.  To put a person to prison for insulting you is childish and stupid at best.  The only time a person can be guilty of maligning a politician is when they are accused of doing something they haven't done.  Depending on the weight of the libel can either result to mere admonition, a fine or jailing depending on how heavy it is.

I just hope this helps in the proposed cybercrime law.  Make it constitutional but amend it for the safety of all people and not just onion-skinned politicians.