Maybe Chinese Guys Should Marry White Girls Instead of Pinay Women Huh?

Well this is an iffy post but I thought that Chinese guys searching for a wife in other countries might as well marry white women.  In truth, the white people these days are probably more open to other races.  In fact, I just had my thoughts on why I think Chinese men might be better off marrying white women than Pinay women:

Well the efforts of many anti-racists who fought for racial equality has changed white and Asian relationships.  Bruce Lee's mixed marriage and perhaps Wakin Chau's wife is American.  White men and Asian men started to walk together.  Bruce Lee's philosophy of racial equality had changed America.  However we do have a problem that the sickness migrated to the Philippines taking form of the Pinoy pridists.  Well in fact, I kinda have the urge to encourage Chinese and white people to marry each other to form a new race that's neither Caucasian nor Chinese.

For starters, Americans may have a spending culture but as far as concerned, it's hard to find an American or any white person who is raising a lazy kin.  When a wealthy Chinese guy lands on a Pinay (and not a Filipino woman) he might soon have to feed his in-laws.  For the white culture, it's hard to find any of them feed their lazy extended family, perhaps not even the Spanish brought that to the Philippines!  On the other hand, a Pinay wife might soon start asking the Chinese husband for money to feed her lazy kin which is really a sickness among the Philippines.  However a decent Filipino woman is always welcome regardless.