Anti-American Pinoy Pridists and What They Ignore!

I've written something on anti-Chinese Pinoy pridists but now I'll write on anti-American Pinoy pridists.  Well these guys hate America so much but look at how hypocritical they are.  I'm not for colonial mentality but I'm not for the close of free trade either.  The Philippines needs both exports and imports to survive.

So looking at the picture above, they are speaking in English and using American influence such as cardboard and the like to which were introduced by the Americans and adapted by the Philippines as industries.  You might as well consider that even Filipino made clothes may have some imported stuff in them or even if all the raw materials were Philippine-sourced but it was American-influenced.

Also y ou might end up finding some members of the Bobo Muna party still eating at McDonald's which is an AMERICAN FOUNDED company.  They might also be eating chocolate bars (again American influence) and whatever, you cannot deny that the Philippines has a mixed culture of Spanish, American, Chinese and Japanese integrated into the Filipino culture.  In fact, if it wasn't for the Americans, the Philippines would have not been liberated from Spanish rule and Imperial Japan.  Also, other nations don't only need Filipinos but every other nation as well.