Pinoys Should Stop Relying (Then Putting the Blame) on President Nobita (or Any Official) For Their Miserable Conditions

I personally am not a fan of President Nobita but Pinoys usually have no one but themselves to blame for the poverty they suffer.  After all, while the Philippines is certainly a developing country but it's not as bad as those poverty-stricken third world countries where lawlessness is much worse.  I know President Nobita is ampaw and all but he's not entirely to blame.  In fact, no matter how good a president is, poverty has become a very personal issue except in countries where tyranny is too sky high.

So why can I say this?

There are Filipinos who succeed in spite of the bad condition of the country.  Talk about Michael Christian Martinez whose hard work I salute.  Then you can talk about other successful Filipinos like Henry Sy of SM, Tony Tancaktiong of Jollibee, Manuel Pages of Mooon Cafe and Leondro Locsin.  Well problem is Pinoys tend to hate Filipinos who are Chinese by blood ignoring the fact that a Filipino is anybody who pledges allegiance to the Philippines.  Every competent Filipino might need to stand up to make a difference rather than run away to other countries.

Some Filipinos don't even go abroad and seek their own fortunes.  Well they want to get out of miserable poverty to become at least at the working class level.  That is they can have decent housing, decent salary, out of poverty and though they will not be rich, but they aren't poor either.  Having too much money might be the reason why some developed countries have high sadness rates.

As long as Pinoys choose to remain in their mediocre working habits, always wasting money, vices, etc. which they do even when money is critical to them... they won't improve.  In fact, rich Filipinos of any ethnicity are opening job opportunites but they refuse to work or they refuse to work properly.  Then they seek "better pastures" which unfortunately may lead them to be recruited by drug syndicates leading to more OPW drug mule executions.

Well Pinoys should form their own nation somewhere huh?