Satirical News: "Violationa, Non-Credo and Bitayin Day" Preparations are ON THE WAY!

Members of Bobo Muna and Migraine International have all rallied for the amnesty of Rolando Morona and his fellow Pinoy pridists who are currently detained in Changgi Prison.  Although Rolando Morona has been given a lighter sentence considering the amount of damage he did would not merit death, but one must not deny that he will still serve a 37 months prison sentence because he was the leader of the whole incident.  Now in preparation for March 30, 2014 some Pinoy pridist movements like the Bobo Muna, Migraine International and Anak ng Bobo are preparing to celebrate "Violationa, Non-Credo and Bitayin Day" in honor of the three drug mules Sally Violationa, Ramon Non-Credo and Elizabeth Bitayin.

Toady Casino of Bobo Muna said in Tagalog, "We cannot allow this action to go unpunished!  Rolando Morona's actions for attempting to kill the bus full of Chinese to save the Pinoy race must be done!  Unlike other countries, we the Philippines will continue to plead for our citizens unlike the human rights violation Chinese that choose to make us Pinoys the scapegoat of their sins!  We Pinoys are the pure race of the world the greatest in the world!  In a world ruled by Pinoys, it will be the best world!"  Relatives of Rolando Morona, Odiara Kapal Mukha and other detained Pinoy pridists in Singapore are rallying to set their relatives free from the Changgi Prison.  One member of the Morona family said in Tagalog, "Rolando was a good boy.  He raised us his extended family.  You don't have that in other countries!  I hate the Chinese for all they stand for!  Those yellow devils must be exterminated.  If the Philippines want to get real, Philippines is only for those born Pinoy!"

Toady Casino of Bobo Muna together with members Stupor Ocampo and Loka Masa were making preparations with their allies from Migraine Internationale and Anak ng Bobo to protest against China's execution of the drug mules.  Other members of Migraine International have been booked to China.  In stupidity, one of the Migraine International members named Kalat Basura said in Tagalog, "I dare China to try and stop us Pinoy pridists from avenging the deaths of our three brave heroes!  We will not forget the brave efforts of Violationa, Non-Credo and Bitayin to bring drugs to China to finish off those almond-eyed race Chinese!  They are fakes!  Melamine-hearted!"  Toady Casino still hopes that the Bobo Muna members who sold the unsafe dried mangoes to China can be rescued in time no longer wanting to rely on Philippine Vice President Jejemon Binay for his failure to rescue Violationa, Non-Credo and Bitayin from their deaths.

Meanwhile China shows it is no country that laughs off any small threat.  Knowing that the Pinoy pridists could launch a rally, the Chinese military is fully prepared to face them.  Defense Minister of China, Chang Wanquan said, "Let them try and invade China with only their bangkas and spears!  We have a full army ready to take them on!"  Despite warnings, Pinoy pridists are preparing for battle with bangkas and spears against China's military at Spratlys.  Toady Casino said in Tagalog, "We the Pinoys will be victorious because we are the blessed special race.  The Chinese have nothing on us!  We don't need U.S. intervention to succeed because we the Pinoys are the best race in the world!"

On the other hand, Miriam Defensor-Santiago remarked "WAH!  Well let them go to China and suffer the consequences!  If they do, the Philippines will have much less idiots to worry about!"


  1. I'm imagining that what happened to the Pinoys here is similar to what happened to Leonidas and the 300 Spartans, only that, unlike these Spartans, they died immediately and disgracefully due to not being able to put up a fight for at least three minutes. XD


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