Satirical News: Toady Casino Proposes Pinoy Entertainment Protection Act

After hours of writing the Pinoy Pride Bill, the Anti-Chinese Bill and the Anti-American Bill, Toady Casino has proposed the "Pinoy Entertainment Protection Act" which he supports the sore loser Original Pinoy Music industry not the Filipino music industry.  Toady Casino known for his extreme nationalism has not surprisingly given a new proposal to "protect" the Pinoy artists.

"Pinoy music is the greatest in the world.  After all the nightingale of Asia, Regine Velasquez is a Filipino, Lea Salonga is a Filipino.  However Lea Salonga must be boycotted because she married a Chinese and Chinese are enemies to Pinoys.  If we are to save the Pinoy entertainment industry then I am in favor that the bill to request foreign performers to pay money to make up for the damage they did to our industry!  Ours is the best in the world and we need no foreign intervention.  Our local dramas are the best in the world, it must e made worldwide to let people know Pinoys are the only superior race in the world!" said Toady Casino.

The Pinoy Entertainment Protection act contains the following provisions:
  • Every foreign show will have to pay a fee of PHP 100,000 per episode.
  • Pinoy shows and music will be promoted abroad.
  • Foreign entertainers will pay PHP 1,000,000 for performance fees.  
  • Pinoy artists who perform abroad must be given a free no fee entrance or the country declares war.

However a Filipino lawyer and criminology professor from the University of the Philippines named Josh Magpakatotoo had criticized the whole stand of Toady Casino's proposals and said, "Toady Casino is very stupid and so are the rest of the Bobo Muna.  First they want to eliminate Chinese influence because of three Pinoy drug mules that were rightfully killed.  Then they still can't get over Plor's death which was 19 years ago.  Now they want Singapore to free the guilty Pinoys because they are Pinoy?  That is trash and crap talk!  Toady Casino's leftist policies if implemented may turn Philippines worse than the nation of China under Chairman Mao's regime.  Oh don't forget, he was seen eating at KFC yesterday after that rather stupid Anti-American Bill proving he is a hypocrite!"

Sean Mercado a Filipino-Chinese anthropologist then made mention, "If the OPM wants to be really authentically Pinoy then they should stop using instruments of western influence and use the kulintang as well as other native instruments.  Of course, they should also sing in baybayin and the lyrics written in alibata.  Ha ha, I wonder how they are going to record it since recording music is Western influence after all!  And of course, with that, no more Pinoy drama.  Case closed isn't it?  Also, criticism is important because it doesn't mean it's Philippine-made it's good and the same goes for everything here and abroad.  In fact, the anti-Chinese bill will probably just provoke China and I hate to think what China might do to our country."


  1. "Of course, they should also sing in alibata." - As I was told, it should be baybayin 'cuz alibata is just a system of writing.


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