Trying to Define My Style of Comedy

For one, I may want to give a shot on "darker and edgier" but I figured out I prefer "lighter and softer" and at a guilt trip "denser and wackier". So far, here's a summary of what I try to use:

The exploration of human flaws is what is needed.  It's pretty much a bad habit of mine to hate my weaknesses but as time passed by not ever since I got the comment like, "You couldn't enjoy the Invisible Dopant arc because you were drooling over a girl you'll never have..." made me think the comedy of errors which makes comedy, comedy if you can use some character flaws for funny scenes even exaggerate them if need be.  While doing some watching old-fashioned comedy Chris X had told me to watch like Monty Python and The New Three Stooges, I'm learning something.  Sometimes these flaws can be weaponized as well like making a person eat bad cooking as punishment.  However in Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon, Mako's cooking has improved in contrast to Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers (Which has 12 favorites, really I wish those who liked my fic will bother to read the rest of my stories!).  But as said, character improvement can also be part of comedy as well.

Too bad I have a guilty pleasure for blatant silliness... sad but true which was why I couldn't list Go-onger in the hate list.  For one, I thought Genta was really funny in Shinkenger aside from Ryunosuke.  What happened really was things got so berserk for my story writing with too much nonsense.  So I better keep that under control and try to focus on the more "realistic" side of things without destroying the comedy.  Though I don't like blatant silliness if it doesn't do anything to contribute to plot like Spike does.

Multiracial pairings can be a source of comedy when it comes to some cultural differences.  Not that I'm against interracial marriages but I do tend to think cultures can sometimes clash.  Like sometimes one over the other is at the opposite extreme.  Reading Amy Chua-Rubenfeld's books "Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother", some parts you might really laugh at her because she admits how culture clashes do happen especially with her experience in a mixed marriage that went out rather well.

Physical beauty is another of my favorite sources of comedy.  So far, being ugly is not my favorite source of humor except it is "ugly x delusional vain".  Who says physical beauty can't be used for comedy?  For one, I kind of have a like for using attractive people who aren't self-obsessed as a source of comedy... that is beauty as a curse like an attractive heroine/villain always gets unwanted attention which causes her mission not to be directly accomplished.  It really is something if you try and think that an attractive person can also get into humiliating situations like "The Bachelor".  It might also be funnier for perversity scenes.  Or you might want to use a lot of pretty girls for comedy since I personally don't like using ugly people for comedy based on appearance.

Some love triangles that are not meant for drama but for comedy.  In Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon (and my planned reboot Super Sentai x Nickelodeon) the whole idea of the comedy revolves around one handsome guy fought over by two attractive girls.  So pretty much, Takeru has these two girls to worry about since they're both hogging at him. =P

Delusions can be a good source of comedy.  For one, just think of the statement, "Stupid people are so stupid they think they're not stupid."  Spongebob Squarepants carries Squidward's delusion of his tastes and Patrick's delusion that he's a genius (to the point he wrote the most horrid Tokusatsu film of all- Super Hero Taisen).  Akibaranger is a masterpiece of delusions but too bad the Akibarangers died in season two.  Ugly people can be funny if they delude themselves to be attractive and in exchange they also delude other ugly people to be very attractive.