Trying to Define My Writing Style to Serve as a Guide

After some rather unimpressive failures with fan fic writing with OOC and nonsense, I thought it can be time to do some careful research and writing styles.  Yup, there's some failure to start with and of course, learning from these failures is important.  I've gotten into the mistake of hatred, out of characterization, canon rape, etc. now I just need to redefine myself and of course, being more careful while not writing if not in the right mind.  Too bad I'm on on mental "crack" again with all those obsession over girls I'll never have. =P

Love dodecahedrons- A triangle is too common, why stop there?  Being a lover of romance stories, I love having chaotic romance events but I have to be careful not to overdo it.  In this one are also hopeless suitors as part of the whole mess.  However no incest, yaoi, yuri, man x machine, pedophilia, etc. ever involved since I personally don't like writing them.

Interracial pairing- I like having interracial pairings though my preferences are usually Japanese/Chinese x white man/woman.  Though these days I kinda like having the Oriental guy x white girl pairing.

Villainous crushes- It's a fetish I thought is something but it can get overly disgusting most of the time.  This can lead to great degrees of perversity.  In the case of the female villain having a crush on the male hero, it can lead to bitchy situations.  In my case I would admit I am a Batman/Poison Ivy fan.  In the darker and edgier,

Beauty and the beast- Well it's my favorite Disney movie so why not?  However I refuse to use to use the idea of "physically a beast but biologically human" protagonists, I might as well take it to a realistic angle.  This can also take itself to the reverse of unattractive female x attractive male.

Attractive x attractive- Aside from beauty and the "beast", I do like to also put attractive x attractive.  Well it does happen so I guess it can't harm to get beauty x beast and attractive x attractive in all one setting can it?  But again, I don't want to emphasize on their appearances to why they're a couple as it became a mistake in my first fic =P.

Attractive female protagonists- Not really all the time but I do like putting pretty protagonists at times, not necessarily the main hero/heroine.

Attractive villains- Hee hee, I do like having attractive villains as well to prove that beauty can be used to mask evil.  But in my case, I prefer to have my attractive villains most of the time beauty is just a bonus rather than the vain type.  Though I do also like having the vain type too.

Varying degrees of rivalry.  They can be purely vengeance oriented with or without a backstory or an honorable rivalry.  Or you might have a contrast of forces like light vs. shadow.  The rivalry can also be between protagonists which they overcome or the standard protagonist vs. antagonist rivalry.

Crucified heroes that survive or die.  In my case, I have done some crucified hero scenarios.  My first crucified heroes scenario was in Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers with the infamous Cole is nailed to a cross scenario.  The second one was in Super Sentai x Nickelodeon where Jimmy, Cindy and Libby were crucified Shocker style in their delusions, by Kamen Rider villain doppelgangers.

East meets west- In crossovers, I like to use east meets west.  That's why I wrote Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers then much later in Kamen Rider Kiva vs. Danny Phantom.  However these days I think I'd rather have original meets original more than original meets adaptation.  As of far, I am really having a hard time trying to figure out how a Kamen Rider Fourze vs. Jimmy Neutron crossover can happen.

Original characters- Yup I like using original characters.  In the case of my Super Sentai/Nickelodeon fan fic which I am now writing an "alternate version", I am in the story with some what ifs about my life as a part of the grand delusion.

Idiotic catastrophic events- Yup I have an obsession for idiots who screw up especially if it involves super powers.  That's why I ended up using that stupid detention center in Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers as well as that scene in Kamen Rider Kiva vs. Danny Phantom where Jack Fenton stole the Ixa Riser and used it but failed to use it properly.  Some villain deaths in my own are written off pretty stupid like Mr. Krabs dying from Pearl crashing on him while he tries to decide between the Krabby Patty formula and his money. These can also be used in darker and edgier like when a hero or villain misuses a power for his own convenience.

Exploration of human errors- Well human error can be weaponized in situations like Mako's bad cooking is used in SS vs. PR to punish base offenders.  Eri, Natsuki and Spike all got to taste how awful her cooking was.  But I intend not to use this in Mako's later installments in any fic.  Constructive criticisms can be a part of this too.

Character development- After realizing I need to let my characters improve, I now realize I just need to do some character development.  In Super Sentai x Nickelodeon I do plan to make some changes to Addie's attitude since it's let's just say some time since he finished middle school and is attending College.

Putting attractive people into awkward situations aside from using them as eye candy- This is another type of event I like to use.  While I generally get neutral about ugly people or usually even refuse to mention anybody as ugly no matter how ugly they are (except for delusional people) but I like to put attractive people in the most awkward situations.  You might get an attractive guy gets a lot of disasters with unwanted attraction while an ugly person in my fic usually finishes the job with so little interruption while not getting ridiculed except if they were deluded and self-obsessed.  Or for a more mature angle, strip off their clothes against their will.

Delusions- Yup, that's that.  Delusions can be used for comedy purposes if done right.  They can also be used in darker and edgier for the anti-hero or any villain.

Lighter tones with tons of wackiness- Most of all I prefer to keep my themes lighter and softer (though I would also go darker and edgier at times) which however can lead me to denser and wackier.  Yup I really have to admit this hypocrisy of mine is that how can I enjoy a depressing season like Liveman and yet want lighter tones?  Hee hee hee hee.

Or trying to go darker and edgier as much as possible.  These can feature lots and lots of conflict, really sadistic villains and tragedies.