Those Kids Spreading Lies and Urban Legends About Fads...

Yup as a 90s kid, there were a lot of false secrets and stuff back then... used by kids who were most likely so pampered they are arrogant.  Now let's get a move... and here are some I can remember...

Video Games:

Video game lies are a VERY huge thing.  So yeah, I guess some 90s kids discovered the whole Shen Long scam and I really, REALLY freaking hated that scam.  There was this rumor of the character who possessed all the fighting moves of the fighters and blah, really.  That game rumor was confirmed as an April Fool's joke maybe to punish those fans. =P

Mortal Kombat was really FULL of rumors like the "secret codes" here and there and were spread by kids?  Hee hee, I guess those parents were pretty dumb to buy the game for kids.  For one, there were rumors you could play as Reptile in MK1, Noob Saibot being the "highest bad guy", etc. which were mostly fabrications.  But some fanmade rumors became reality like Reptile becoming a playable character, boss characters were later playable in some entries (MK Trilogy, MK Deception) and MK Shaolin Monks almost answered every video game rumor from MK2 making it a reality (Ex. Finding Goro, the Living Forest, the meat hooks on the Dead Pool) and the Animalities in MK3 which started because of Liu Kang's dragon fatality.  Some kids lied about the comics too. =P  The biggest lie before was MK was out of business... but then it came back! =P

For TV shows:

Yup there were some stupid lies from those so-called "experts" of kiddie shows.  Power Rangers as I can remember had that Purple Ranger lie and the non-existent Phantizer zord WHICH was NEVER real.  So yeah, the purple ranger my butt but eventually the Purple Ranger idea was realized in Gekiranger in the form of Gou Fukami though he is not as powerful as the Purple Ranger rumor was.  I dunno where people got that idea back then?!  Also the Silver Ranger rumor idea from the MMPR movie was realized in Megaranger.

Well there are also lies about Power Rangers and Super Sentai.  Really WTF do they do any research?  Those Sentai purists and those Power Rangers purists are freaking annoying.  To admit, I used to be a Super Sentai purist and called Power Rangers as "fake" until I realized this- they BOTH copy from each other like of course Power Rangers copied this and that and they had their original ideas that were later copied by Super Sentai proving it's now a symbiosis between the two since some ideas from Super Sentai weren't their own.  True Power Rangers cannot exist without Super Sentai but now it seems they can't exist without each other.  For one, how can Power Rangers be fake if Toei legitimately gives licenses to Saban, Disney and now to Saban Brands?  Also, some Power Rangers may be deliberately lying that Power Rangers came first not out of ignorance but out of sheer willfulness to spite others and gain popularity.  Super Sentai fans who can't accept Super Sentai got overshadowed by Power Rangers lie that Power Rangers is fake so they can "have a stand".  Really both sides are VERY IGNORANT!