Possible Ventures for a Food Business

List of ideas to explore for a business but of course, I am NOT telling you anything than the cover!

A steak house can be ideal for one.  But of course trying to come out with a good steak recipe is needed.  In my case as a beef lover, I would like to learn different styles in preparing steak while I could also offer related items like vegetable salad, french fries and burgers.  Well yeah, beef soup.  If you can develop an exotic taste why not?

Another would be to try and mass produce (natural ingredients) to create the oxtail soup with a very unique taste.

Desserts can be another.  That could be a good business.  I might want to do my own bakery but I have to do some self-study.

So far, it's a tricky process if you ask me but profitability is needed.