After Dingdong and Marian's Wedding... My Former Manservant Enters My Mind!

I remembered the time my former manservant had the obsession with marrying Marian Rivera even if he was already in his 40s, had little or no money and was even caught in the celebrity delusion.  I cannot deny how crazy it was considering he would beg for annulment money which cost around PHP 250,000.00.  When I think about it, the amount of money was quite big.  So he earns at least PHP 2,500.00 a week considering his job wasn't easy.  But here's the reality... when he asked for money that big, here's what he must give up.  He must agree to work without pay for the REST OF HIS LIFE if he asked for that money.  With his financial condition, he has little or no money to pay be back either.  It's a mistake that most people make including myself to just loan somebody without thinking of the risks.  He had his clear lack of common sense because he didn't think of the consequences.

I could remember all his silly attempts like write an application to GMA-7 with just yellow pad and some elementary-style letter writing.  What he hasn't considered is that in the world of business, formal writing is a very big requirement.  He also ignored the fact that stardom is no walk in the park.  If he can't follow my simple demands, I don't expect him to follow the bigger demands of directors.  It's a sad reality but a lot of Pinoys refuse to follow EVEN SIMPLE GUIDELINES.  So if he can't follow my simple demands, he can't make it big either as an actor.  Because being an actor requires you to be obedient to your director.  In his case, he has no sense of obedience and he has a severe narcissistic personality disorder... that is he can't accept what he isn't.

He even bragged once that if he went to GMA-7, he would certainly win Marian Rivera's love without an effort.  I had to tell him that Dingdong Dantes might practically kill him.  He bragged that he would defeat Dingdong Dantes in a battle... never mind the tragic truth THAT he can only punch but not really fight like a gangster or professional.  He has been beaten once by a gangster.  The only real "victory" he had was when he fought an old beggar who he had a conflict with.  He doesn't realize that his victory over that old beggar was because he still had an advantage.  He might be pass his prime but he still had strength to do basic labor.  Sad to say but all these traits are part of the whole problem that a lot of Pinoys are self-absorbed Failipinos.

Another consequence he may have ignored is what if he actually got to loan money for the annulment because I refused to give it to him.  Again, he is only basing his assurances on his self-delusion than reality.  How does he expect a superstar like Marian Rivera to fall head over heels for him with this reality.  Appearance-wise, he he is ugly but that's not the real issue.  The real issue is that one, he is a poor man who doesn't know how to save his money.  He is also raising a lazy nephew, a very common trend in the Philippines or other third world countries.  He hardly has any money plus annulment means he will have to go away broke.  Plus, has he even considered again that if his plan fails, he would be crying, "So much for all the hassle of the annulment, Marian Rivera didn't accept me?"

Then I also thought of his reasons.  Why did he want to marry Marian Rivera?  It had something to do with his ego.  He probably admires men who have their trophy wives and he's determined to have one.  He even admits he admires his neighbor who has a trophy wife.  Another reason he had was to do with finance.  In his own stupid line of reasoning, he said that not only will he have a trophy wife, but she's a rich trophy wife.  Then this rich trophy wife will help sustain his lazy nephew who he plans to marry off to Rhian Ramos Howell.  Again, it's based on his DELUSIONS and he needs to be crashed back to reality.  Sad to say but he is a microcosm of what's wrong with a lot of the working class Pinoy men that pisses off very decent Filipino (Pinoy or not) whether they are businessmen or the working class.