How to Insult a Troll Without Replying At All!

Trolls are a common nuisance in the Internet.  A troll is not necessarily one who uses a pseudonym, some of them even use their real names.  Rather a troll is defined as, "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument."  Trolling means, "Being a prick on the internet because you can.  Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it's the internet and, hey, you can."  Today the definition is already on social media, blogs, etc.

So how can a troll be insulted without EVER replying to them?  These trolls are KSP or Kulang Sa Pansin meaning "they lack attention".  Here's what can be done:

Delete EVERY comment they make if you are the administrator.  These trolls always want to impress everyone with their "smarter than everybody else attitude".  So they start to write comments to irritate and cause trouble.  So why even reply?  Delete it, it will first give them the sense of satisfaction.  However the more it's deleted, the more they are soon to be frustrated BECAUSE they aren't given attention they think they deserve.  That way, just think how often they will think twice before attacking.

If they are appearing often in your blog, DO NOT ALLOW ANONYMOUS COMMENTS AND MODERATE EVERY COMMENT.  Remember trolls want to be accepted and being "Anonymous" gives them all their pricks and cynical comments.  If comments had to be moderated and "Anonymous" is not allowed, they will have lesser ground.  It's a real insult to them when their edges are made blunt.

You can consider blocking them and let them think what they want.  Remember pride comes before the fall.  These people want to harass people online.  Why let insults be the only reason you'll get cancer or end up doing something stupid?  These people are stupid and they choose to remain that way.  Blocking them will make them erupt.  They may start thinking they won the argument but they might run into a much bigger troll than them, which beats them in their own game.

If you know them personally, just walk pass by them.  Why allow difficult people in your life?  See them?  Just pretend you don't see them.  They say hi, don't say hi back.  Fighting a person in public is not bravery, just stupidity.  Walking pass by them and pretending not to see them will irritate them.  Remember they are attention seekers.  So why give the attention they want?


  1. It has been five years ago but it still feels like it was yesterday.
    YouTube is not the ideal place to either make friends or start a fun conversation as I found out that it is full of whack jobs and nut cases!
    During the Gokaigers craze and why the Titanium Ranger did not and will not appear ever.
    And I quote, " The Titanium Ranger is a original creation by Saban /Disney. As Go Go V sadly did not have a 6th member and they failed to capitalized Yoko/Sieg Jeanne. PLEX was hired by Saban to create the Titanium Ranger and he is owned by Saban. TOEI don't own or care of the character and he will not appear in Gokaiger in any form."

    Then this bozo writes with added insults," You Idiot, Toei owns the character, yeddy, teddy yeah!!!
    I try both explaining and if not ignoring the imbecile professionally. It was like talking to a 5 year old!!! The final thing I say to this dork was, he needs to get laid or must grow up the subject is over with. He is still talking about I 'm right and your wrong your still salty!

    He will not be underestimated or wants to be proved wrong. A stubborn retard if you ask me.
    I had to double check if Fantasy Leader was this guy as it is a small world and both these two lived in the same state. But luckily it is not him as he was too humble and mature.

    Wow that guy I encountered is such a loosed.


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