Satirical News: "The Plor Kontemplasyon Story" To Be Re-Screened in 3D In Response to Edz Ello's Predicament!

The Plor Kontemplasyon Movie... SOON IN 3D!

Migraine International had reacted over Edz Ello's situation now has decided to re-screen the Plor Kontemplasyon Story in 3D.  The concern of Migraine International over Edz Ello's situation has them say he was just oppressed, his account was hacked and that the police forced him into confession.  Some supporters of Edz Ello were rallying for his pardon and that he should be rehired into Tan Sek Tong Hospital.

One of the members of Migraine International namely Odiara Kapal Mukha and Rolando Morona.  Previously they were involved in the "Plor Kontempasyon Day" incident in Singapore.  They were caned and deported after a year.  Instead of learning their lesson, both of them continued to use their Victim Cards.  They had already prepared remastering "The Plor Kontemplasyon" story in 3D for cinemas.

"Edz Ello is doing that every proud Filipino should be doing!  Chinese have occupied our holy country the Philippines for too long.  Singapore must pay for the death of Plor Kontemplasyon.  He was just doing his patriotic duty because we Filipinos are the rightful masters of the world." said Odiara Kapal Mukha.

"By re-screening the Plor Kontemplasyon Story movie in 3D... we will build awareness that unless the Philippines expels its Chinese residents, unless foreigners are butted out... we will all continue to suffer like Plor Kontemplasyon!  I will do everything to get rid of those foul raced Chinese!  After all, President Nobita is Chinese and the blood of those OFWs are on his hands.  Only when the Philippines is a pure Pinoy state can we be really prosperous!" said Rolando Morona.

Preparations to re-screen the Plor Kontemplasyon Story in 3D are now underway.  Details will be given.  Many members of Failipino activists group cannot wait to see the movie in 3D!