The Wedding Cake of Marian and Dingdong

Well why do I feel I was even there at the wedding?  Not really but I thought that huge cakes are impractical no matter how much it cost.  I talked with my cousin who owns a home baker on the issue on her opinion.  She said that the taste could have been compromised.  At the same time, knowing it was Goldilocks, I really doubt the quality was even good.  Sometimes a good baker knows when not to bake a cake.  So I was thinking that there's really the whole size/taste proportion to which taste could have been compromised.

I started to think that maybe the taste was compromised based on some "experiment" I had with my cousin.  So she started to bake cakes bigger than usual and those that followed standards.  When I tasted the cakes that didn't follow the standards and went quite big (but not as big as Marian and Dingdong), they felt dry.  The cakes that followed the standard size and recipe had a better taste.  So looking back at that experience, it's highly possible that the cake must have just been magnificent display but tasted really dry.  Maybe not yucky but dry... as the taste does get compromised in the process.

I had myself thinking that if I were to serve cake, the practical way is to order several orders of cake.  That way, everybody gets moist cake right?  Having had served cake to guests, that's what I did during a party.  Buy several boxes of cake of the same flavor rather than serve from one huge gigantic cake.  It's common sense really. =)