Why Jailing Anti-Pinoy Singaporeans is A Good Move!

I know it's not easy to be heckled by the likes of Edz Ello, but apparently a lot of Singaporeans are already gone overboard so they should be jailed.  Knowing Singapore is a racially open country, it's just about time that those who want to get rid of Pinoys in general aren't helping the situation.  I know the Philippines needs to fix some things then so does Singapore.  Yes getting rid of Edz Ello was a proper action but to punish every Pinoy for his fault is stupid.  Only Pinoys who don't do their jobs properly should be removed while every straight and proper Pinoy should be allowed to keep their jobs.

Also it must be remidned that Edz Ello DOES NOT represent the whole Pinoy race.  Certainly he can be considered a microcosm of what's wrong with MOST but remember NOT ALL Pinoys are like this guy.  Some Pinoys are well-to-do and have not chosen the path of the Failipino.  Instead, they are the enlightened Pinoys who continue to fight for a better Philippines.