I Salute Juday's Brave Criticism Against President Nobita!

Although Juday (Judy Ann Santos) has made a brave move to criticize the irresponsibility of President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino.  One must really think that while President Obama cancels schedule to meet returned bodies of fallen troops, President Nobita refused to do so and pushed through with the Mitsubishi Plant inauguration.  The whole issue is Mitsubishi's factory is not as important as the 44 dead SAF soldiers.  What kind of a president would ignore that?  Just think even Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had MUCH BETTER dignity in spite of corruption charges, to meet the fallen bodies of soldiers.  Even Sherap Estrada has better brains than President Nobita!

While I would admit that President Nobita did declare a national day of mourning for the slain soldiers BUT I cannot deny his stupidity.  So what if he was invited to the Mitsubishi plant inauguration?  Meeting the returned bodies of fallen troops is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than attending an inauguration of a business firm.  It just reminds me of my friend who went to attend her close friend's wedding in Boracay while she had a very IMPORTANT group practice to attend to.  All she thinks is that I'm jealous that she was there in Boracay and that we were practicing.  The truth is, it's unfair that she had the good time while the group had to endure the practice... which we did because it was important.

Why do I call the criticism brave?  Just think she is working for ABiaS-CBN.  Making some comments on President Nobita's uncalled for behavior may irk that bitch Krisis Aquino.  She might even lose her job for doing so.  But all I hope is, she stands firm to her brave deed.