My Thoughts on "Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys"

I just watched Blood Lake where Ciara Hanna sheds off her image as a Nickelodeon girl, no longer a Power Ranger but a girl in a more mature role.  She plays as Nicole, a typical teenager who has parental issues.  Now for the plot... it involves the overpopulation of these bloodsuckers called lampreys.  When they are out of food and the ecological balance is destroyed, they start to attack humans.   Normally lampreys don't attack humans unless they are starved and this is where things get really scary.

No movie is ever complete without some internal conflict.  Yes, Nicole's father is a marine expert and he is hired by some stupid mayor (played by Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future) to get rid of the lampreys.  The mayor is pretty stupid not to take the lamprey problem seriously or to think it can be easily taken care of in a day.  Fortunately, the stupid mayor gets his comeuppance while some characters die from lamprey attacks, the film does have a certain degree of mercy towards the main characters.

For the lampreys, they have even started their rampage on LAND.  Yes, it's sort of like a mutation but unexplained.  I would admit the nightmare fuel here was really, really scary.  A lot of the scenes involve people eaten by these killer lampreys inside out.  Sometimes, I even worry Nicole's brother would die.  A lot of these lampreys start to get worse.  You'll see some important characters die one after the other.  I always had the impression that Nicole's brother would die then Nicole herself would be the obvious victim-to-be or not... depending on the level of mercy.

On the other hand, the film did have a certain level of mercy.  Yes, I was afraid Nicole and her brother would die.  Fortunately they didn't.  I don't think I can stand to see Ciara Hanna die a bloody death.  The film itself isn't all that great, it's a B-Movie but I thought it was entertaining.  Hopefully Ciara Hanna will still get a better career even if PR Megaforce is mega-horrid.