Kamen Rider and Nicktoons Unite!

I'll admit I have very weird ideas.  Hee hee, maybe it's because Power Rangers' canon migration to Nickelodeon caused it (though I don't like how PR Samurai was handled) but still, this is another what if scenario.  Just my thoughts on my crazy idea that started with a Photoshop of Spongebob and Kamen Rider. This is a parody response to that April Fool's joke of Saban adapting Fourze even if it's been months already!

And this computer generated work is an inspiration to this crazy idea.

Good guys:

The Kamen Riders that will be used are Wataru/Kiva, Eiji/OOO, Gentarou/Fourze and Haruto/Wizard are sent to assist the main heroes of Nicktoons Unite.  Their allies may still be present even the additional riders to help get rid of this menace.  This of course is not connected to Kamen Rider Kiva vs. Danny Phantom.

After a decade or so of entertaining children these guys grew up.  Jimmy Neutron is now a scientist, Timmy Turner is now running the Wishful Thinking, Danny Phantom is still fighting ghosts and Spongebob well, he's still a frycook.  Thanks to Timmy Turner's wish for assistance, four Kamen Riders have come to assist them.  Allies may include Tootie, Sheen, Carl, Cindy, Libby, Patrick, Sandy, Tucker and Sam Manson.


My OC is based on all my character flaws or not, but more like what if I were an evil overlord and was getting myself done.  His name is Dark Emperor Seanodos and looks like Lord Zedd but unlike Lord Zedd, the whole thing is merely a costume and not that he is a walking zombie and the "exposed brain" is nothing more than a part of the costume while his mask is meant to conceal his true identity.  He displays characteristics of post-marriage Lord Zedd.  He is an intensely powerful being who created Foundation Shocker and vows to destroy the Kamen Riders but due to Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner making a mishap, he lands into the strange crossover.  His fearsome might and his evil was so cruel that it took the combined might of the civilizations behind Kuuga and Agito to destroy him.  He returns in the present making him prone to childish behavior while maintaining the characteristics of an evil overlord.

Dr. Maki, Bishop Fangire, Principal Gamou and Wiseman are turned into Foundation Shocker's top leading henchmen.  Although none of them wanted to cooperate with each other or with Dark Emperor Seanodos, they had no choice because of his fearsome power.  They were stolen away from their canon and forced to serve Dark Emperor Seanodos.

The Syndicate has been absorbed into the new Foundation Shocker.  Yup these guy seeking their revenge joins in.  Crocker, Calamitous, Plankton and Vlad want their revenge but they have also brought in other villains in their respective shows to assist the new organization.  Of course it could be funny to think if Professor Calamitous becomes a Zodiart (he's never getting anything completed), Plankton is turned into a monster-of-the-week and maybe Crocker trying to get Wizard's powers.