Some "I'd Rather Watch This Than Hannah Montana List" List

Well here's some of my I'd rather watch these shows or franchises than Hannah Montana:

I'd rather watch Power Rangers than Hannah Montana.  True Power Rangers can get pretty dull at times for me as a Super Sentai fan (well America has a different standard) but watching Power Rangers can be a lot more tolerable than Hannah Montana.  Even Power Rangers Samurai no matter how bad it is, is still better than Hannah Montana.  Power Rangers SPD's Syd, Sky, Bridge or Jack may have annoyed me but at least they later got better eventually!  Even Power Rangers Operation Overdrive no matter how lame it was, is still a masterpiece compared to Hannah Montana.

Here's another- I'd rather watch Spongebob than Hannah Montana.  Yup, I'd rather endure Patrick Star's stupid annoyance (and his bad writing of Tokusatsu as he is credited as the writer of Super Hero Taisen and Kamen Rider Decade... joke) or Squidward or Pearl than Hannah Montana.  Okay I'd admit Spongebob's failing his driving exam is really getting old and annoying (and painful on the part of Spongebob) but I'd rather watch Spongebob over Hannah Montana.  At least I get a good laugh from this really silly show with stupid logic than Hannah Montana.  Besides, I guess Spongebob is a great Tokusatsu fan as well.