The Foolish Delusion of Pinoys Gloating Over the Success of Their Fellow Filipinos

Well I'll admit there are great, talented Pinoys and I don't deny that but there are also stupid, non-talented Pinoys as much as stupid people exist in every race around the world.  It's a basic problem of Filipinos who tend to say, "Pinoys are a talented race." just because of the successes of great Pinoys like Lea Salonga-Chien, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid or they can name it, doesn't mean that stupid Pinoys don't exist.  There are always stupid people everywhere Pinoy or not.  Now here's a very good illustration of the delusion...

Well you might take it to Pinoys who just can't accept that they're NEVER going to be another Lea Salonga or Regine Velasquez then they assume they can be that great even if they lack the talent or hard work.  That is, people must accept what they are good at and what their limits are, not delude themselves to be all that.  In fact, it's not going to be racist of a Pinoy gets eliminated from his or her audition for singing abroad if such persons can't sing, face it- not all Pinoys are talented.

If worse should come to worst, these Pinoys can think they can still succeed without getting rid of the Juan Tamad mentality and the Little Miss Late mentality.  Often ignored is that successful Pinoys aren't pseudo-nationalists but are real hard workers.  These bad Pinoys are free riders who want credit without work.