Some Values of the Filipino Pseudonationalist to Look Out For

Filipinos are one way or another stuck with some pseudonationalism.  Well here's some values of the Filipino pseudonationalist to look out for:

The Juan Tamad mentality.  This is all about free riding.  These are the people who want to take credit even when they do not contribute.  Some of them have relatives working abroad whom they leech on for money.  Others of this type are frequently absent.  While they don't work, all they do is have pleasure.

The little miss late mentality.  This is very irritating with the practice of simply not being on time which shows they're not honorable people.  It's no wonder why a lot of business contracts are so easily canceled.

The pretend to be sick type.  It's common for people to pretend to be sick to skip their responsibilities like some Filipino women are fond of exaggerating their monthly periods even when they have female superiors.

Prioritizing the less important things more the more important ones otherwise known as procrastination.  Yup it's all about the happy happy first mentality.  They want to do their pleasure now, work later and many of them are in the Juan Tamad mentality.  It really made me upset to think how they could afford to watch Kris Aquino's shows when they have more important stuff to do.  Isn't it any wonder why a lot of stupid politicians are now in power?  In Filipino TV one of the worst examples of procrastination is the crap show called Zaidorks.

Love for things OA.  This is a reality that sad to say but a lot of Filipinos love a lot of things OA or in short drama kings and drama queens.

American superiority mentality.  Yup here are where you can see the "Cinderella type" or those Filipinos who are so stuck with "Everything American is good." ignoring the fact that not all American products are good.  It's funny how they can be so adoring Americans and groveling before them while they're not timely since Americans do not tolerate Filipino time.

Being too onion-skinned.  I would admit that while Miriam Defensor Santiago was already going out of line with her temper tantrums in the Senate, however Vitaliano Aguirre II's covering of his ears is just proof how many Filipinos are very onion-skinned.  It's plain and simple- it's a trait of not being able to handle constructive criticism.  It's no wonder why Vitaliano Aguirre is coined as "the new hero".  I could care less about him being an honor student for some time, the issue is that the panelists really deserved a heavy verbal beating and I think his apology is half-hearted for saying he does not regret covering his ears.  While it's definitely unfair to detain him but he did deserve some admonition for what he did and he did the right thing to withdraw from the court.  Well at least later, he finally suggested to Miriam to tone down her voice and later admitted to why he did that gesture.

The Filipino superiority mentality.  Colonial mentality is wrong but it's also wrong to discriminate other races too.  I really have to think about how some Filipinos are too proud of their "sariling atin" even when it's garbage like the TV shows or defective products all because it's Filipino.  Another problem that was faced is that some Filipinos even are being two-faced that while they won't hesitate to punish a guilty foreigner, however they plead for the freedom of guilty Filipinos abroad.  They tend to ride on the greatness of Filipinos who deserve praise abroad but fail to see Filipinos who succeed do not succeed because they are Pinoy but because of hard work.  This is also causing a poor quality of Filipino English which can be bad for the economy and two, cutting down too much on foreign trade policy.