When I Met That Pamela Anderson Lookalike

Well time was coming when I was really or let's just say having my conflicted yearnings (between my so-called first crush and my real first crush who was treating me coldly for some time) then I ran into her.  Well not really but started seeing her at the distance thinking she was my real first crush who I had denied to myself for years.  So what really happened was, I was staring at her at a distance hoping she could be that girl but then when I looked upon her, she was all that "too hot" to be the other person.  She looks like Pamela Anderson but the untampered beauty that is, brown hair, really pretty and sexy to which she is really, really hot.  But I was kind of hesitant even to befriend her because I was well, fractured.  Or perhaps I was too yearning for that Bea Saw lookalike.

However time passed when I started to really think she is really hot.  Actually the hotness was just a bonus, she is also a pretty nice person, smarter than I am (pretty much ideal) and I started to befriend her.  In fact, I have started treating her properly though seeing such a hottie in person has given me quite a burning sensation I tried to keep in control.  Despite her presence, sometimes I wanted to get my so-called first crush but it was a feeling of contradiction.  Instead to a certain extent, I lusted after this Pamela Anderson lookalike which fortunately was under control.  I just thought that I should like her for her being nice and all, not for her nice appearance.  As far as concerned, I really want to be true to my feelings about her as well.