Do Pinoy Pridists Believe They Have "Immunity" Abroad?

After reading one incident after another involving Pinoys who got their just desserts because of what they did, why do some Pinoy pridists insist that they are oppressed?  Is it because Pinoys are a special race?  Some may think they are but they are not.  There are special Filipinos and non-special ones, just deal with it.  When you think about it, realizing that issue of Jonathan Aquino, I think he is a picture of what Pinoy pride really is, thinking they can get away because they are "Filipino" or a special people.  This is really, really something that they think they should have immunity abroad.

You might want to remember also the case of Flor Contemplacion as well as other Filipinos who were justly sentenced for their crimes.  You have to consider that those who were executed in China were really deserving it because narcotics industry is harmful for the society in itself.  Or you might want to take the whole "pity me" situation.  I can understand that Flor Contemplacion had marital woes but that did not excuse her bad behavior in Singapore nor her children of what they did.  The Filipino government is really stupid if it thinks they can grant pardon to guilty Filipinos just because they think they are a "special people" but the answer is no, just no.  You really think Filipinos should have immunity abroad?  That kind of talk is nonsense as NO nationality should be granted immunity abroad.

In fact the stupidity of thinking of being Filipino and having "so-called" immunity was just like that American teenager Michael Fay who took four lashes for doing a lot of bad activities in Singapore.  Yup, Singapore doesn't only deal with unruly Filipinos but with EVERY ethnicity that really is there who fouls up.  For me that whole punishment was justifiable considering that he had damaged much private property of people.  When you are in that country wherever it is, MAKE SURE YOU DON'T SCREW UP!