Filipino-Chinese Businessmen vs. Pinoy Pridists!

Another battle for the Philippines to get real is that why are these Pinoy pridists so arrogant and proud as not to accept the Filipino-Chinese as their countrymen. So they insist on saying, "They aren't Filipino by blood, Philippines is only for the Filipinos."  That kind of attitude has also developed a degree of prejudice among Filipino-Chinese against their own countrymen who aren't Chinese by blood.  So let's get started shall we?  We need to discuss that kind of attitude that has caused the Philippines to worsen.

For one, there are more Filipino-Chinese businessmen than there are not.  You might want to consider that actually, more Chinese are business-minded than not.  True not all Filipino-Chinese are big time nationwide businessmen but they certainly provide jobs even if they weren't big somebodies.  I mean, some Filipino-Chinese businessmen consider themselves as nobodies because they don't hold huge positions in authority, they are civilians.  But one thing is certain, they are job providers.  I have observed some of the more common traits though not all will possess.  Many of them are more of quality buyers than quantity buyers (though some can be like Mr. Krabs), they save money for a rainy day, they don't bring uninvited guests to parties and they really follow more or less a strict budget.  This has influenced some Filipino businessmen to actually follow this model proving you don't have to be Chinese to do that kind of thinking!

What about the Pinoy pridists?  These people are hypocrites.  Why do they hate Filipino-Chinese businessmen yet continue to eat in Jollibee and Mang Inasal which are both owned by Tony Tancaktiong?  There's no definite answer but I would say, "For convenience's sake."  Why their businesses don't succeed unlike successful Filipino by blood businessmen is because of their lifestyles.  Who wants to invest with a businessman who is incompetent because of procrastination, tardiness, wrong priorities, brings uninvited guests, overspending, etc.?  Nobody except them maybe.  In fact, compare the dirty and incompetent carenderias they own compared to Filipino businessman Mr. Manuel Pages' chain of restaurants like Mooon Cafe?  Simple.  Pages' following of Filipino-Chinese business practices separates him from the losers that are the Pinoy pridists!  If they hate Filipino-Chinese then they should just eat at those dirty carenderias, dirty street food or even go native all the way.  I'd love to see them do that!

In fact, some Pinoy pridists are stuck with being bitter about their jobs as either school teachers who just don't move up the ladder from elementary to upwards.  I remembered how a stupid Math teacher bitter about her life would frequently talk about how all Filipino-Chinese businessmen are oppressive, blah blah blah and that their mistreatment of the poor blah blah blah ignoring facts and she was a sore loser all the way.  These facts like some poor are also abusive and some rich people actually are helping the poor, is what many Pinoy pridists either deny or refuse to accept because of their Pinoy pride.


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