A Lot of Filipinos Tend to Take Joy in Breaking EVEN Simple Guidelines

Filipinos today are suffering of a line between those who follow simple guidelines and those who don't and this also includes the authorities.  In fact, I would like to say much of the Philippines is suffering also because of its being a democrazy, not a democracy.  Why do I say democrazy?  It's because these people choose the wrong people to lead them.  Sometimes you cannot deny it that the problem with the Philippines is also people who don't even follow follow simple guidelines.

I remembered some basic incidents even back to elementary days.  In schools were Pinoy pride is prevalent, those who usually win the class officer positions or even class president are the rulebreakers.  You can also think about how many times even schools break rules.  Sometimes, those they make their peacekeepers are delinquents in the class.  These delinquents are the type to engage in such foolishness like excessive video game playing (well I was there) or you might consider them smoking in inappropriate places, getting drunk and everything.  You might even notice some Filipino colleges end up having to expel people for indecency because the problem was not take care of earlier.  One good example is that to see students who actually are seen openly defying the teacher by listening to music during a lecture when the rules say it's not allowed.  Worse' it's done in the name of "democracy".  Then the problem can go heavier like people who can't follow simple rules like throwing trash in its proper place- it's no wonder why the Philippines is so polluted!

You could also consider a lot of Filipinos break the rule of give and take.  Looking at the proposal of removal of the rights of Filipinos to purchase copyrighted material abroad and bringing it here, isn't it obvious that it's always "take and take" like a parasite?  I mean, they expect foreigners to buy stuff in their country but they won't allow Filipinos to buy their stuff outside?  WTF right?  I was thinking that even the simple guidelines of give and take aren't even respected because of SUCH stupidity!  This also becomes a problem for many Filipinos who either give and give or take and take but never give and take.  This could also explain why a lot of Filipinos are parasites to their poor overseas relatives.  Sometimes, it can go as absurd as to how labor goes.  Some bosses don't even pay the proper wages to the poor people they hire.  Some laborers also abuse the generosity of a good boss.  

"Filipino time" is also one good example of breaking simple guidelines even authority figures tend to do that themselves.  You can talk about the simple guideline that the practice must start at 9:00 yet even some authorities go as far as to make it one to two hours late.  The guidelines state that time must be followed as time, not on one's time.  A lot of Filipinos tend to do this which actually leads to deals that eventually get forfeited as a result.  It's always later, later and later.  This is one huge show of just how much many Filipinos cannot follow proper scheduling!

Maybe I should mention a lot of Filipinos DO NOT follow decency guidelines even among the higher working class.  Let's think about it- a lot of Filipinos tend to speak bad language a lot and I mean a lot even if rules do not allow it.  You could consider all the curse words they keep using.  Another is speaking of decency, the workplace is the number one victim which all these cursing goes from the schools to the commercial workplace.  You can have these teachers who cuss and curse their students which is AGAINST guidelines.  You can have it in the workplace where also some laborers are given changing rooms yet the boss doesn't even strictly enforce their decency saying, "Oh they're not intelligent so I can let it slide."  Puh-lease, not being intelligent and being stupid is NO excuse for a person to scandalize one's self in public in the act of indecent exposure.  I might also mention that the most common violation of decency is in their punctuality and the way they entertain customers.  You could also go to one place to another and see rude staff and not to mention, people doing their personal necessities AT WORK which is very, very annoying.

You could also talk about how DIRTY many places in the Philippines are.  If you think of the Pasig river, it has become very polluted all thanks to Filipinos who cannot follow guidelines.  You could also consider the stench and bacteria because of Filipinos who just pee and defecate anywhere as they please.  You might also want to talk why a lot of public CRs are very stinky because they don't follow the guidelines for cleanliness.  All these can also be "thanked" to the squatters who despite their knowledge that they're not allowed there, decided to be there anyway.  All these because rules aren't followed!

Thinking about it, isn't it any wonder why the Philippines hardly moves forward?


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