What Got Me Interested in Dating a White Girl?

Although I am of Chinese descent, I did eventually take the liking to date a white girl.

When I was still quite young, I did remember having my crush on a half-Spanish girl who grew up to resemble Rin Takanashi in a way but not really.  I just thought I was afraid to admit she was my real first crush.  She used to be slightly taller than I am before.

Meanwhile I'll confess that also watching MMPR back as a child, my crush on Kimberly Hart was another reason why I was interested in dating white girls.  Stupid huh?  I would admit that for her, I really got too enamored with the fictional character's beauty to the point I even think she's hotter than most Power Rangers, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider girls. =P  That's just my opinion, no offense Mr. Smith but I disagree with your statement... hee hee.

Then of course came some severe misadventures.  I did remember watching Tool Time as a kid when Pamela Anderson wasn't all marred up.  So pretty much later in life, I was surprised to find someone who somewhat resembled her pre-surgery. =P

Also with the other stuff involved in it, I would also like to say that having been raised under foolish tradition made me seek for freedom as well.