Reeducating Pinoy Pridists... With Caning!

Well Pinoy pridists can also be known for their lack of discipline.  You can name 30 year old Jonathan Aquino, you can name all those misbehaving Bayan Muna or whatever activists groups who do vandalism and whatever.  Now here's what I thought about how to deal with Pinoy pridists, they need more than a bright slap, they need to be caned!

Looking at Singapore's punishment for offenses like vandalism and stealing, I really suggest caning works no matter how "inhuman" it is to the rest of the world because of ultra-liberal standards.  One of the reasons why Singapore is very orderly is because of strict discipline.  I just thought that only a light rattan cane may be used and could be used to punish those Pinoy pridists and their vandalism as part of their pride and to crush it for good.

As it looks like the Philippines is also a country where vandalism is a very common crime.  Pinoy pridists also kind of like to put their protests like that.  So I guess it's time to really make sure they are taught a lesson they'll never forget and I expect the caning to be PUBLICLY done as an example to others.  Simple offenses can be talked over in private but this is property damage.

Of course, we can also reserve caning for habitually disrespectful prosecutors in the government who had done far heavier grievances than Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.'s ear covering act.