Pinoy Pridists and Defending Squatters?

Squatters indiscriminately dump waste onto Manila's waterways.
Just my thought that the Anakbayan and the Bayan Muna Pinoy pride movement are actually defending the types of people that Chairman Mao Zedong would call as "filthy rats".  Now so why are they always defending squatters?  Is it part of nationalism?  In fact, some of the urban poor who work as laborers who have labored to buy a cheap parcel of land can be condemned to be near such filth.  It's a waste of effort for good workers to work hard only to have their land intruded.

Arrogant Filipino squatters
Like it or not, Filipino squatters can be very, very arrogant and annoying.  They have crude conduct, their children are undisciplined, they have no respect of territorial rights even to the poor.  It should be a day of woe for the poor who labored hard to buy a piece of land only for squatters go to near it.  In short, gate crashing!  So why do the Anakbayan and Bana Muna movements want to defend them as "victims"?  Simple- they all have that idiotology (a combination of idiot and ideology) that the poor are always oppressed and the rich are always wrong.  Stupid, stupid and stupid!  You can talk about their dirty lifestyles of dumping the rivers with their wastes, including their human wastes which is a destruction to nature itself.  Also these guys are anarchists.  This has become the reality of Pinoy shows- the rich are always portrayed as oppressive when that is NOT the case.  In fact, why should the government also raise a nation of parasites?  It is NOT solely the government's duty to feed the people.  In fact, if these squatters are so nationalistic why aren't they living in nipa huts?  Why do they steal electricity? Why do they steal western clothing?  In fact, I really challenge them to be more native and move towards underdeveloped areas to where they should live their false sense of nationalism.  Get rid of the rich, jobs will be lost.  Get rid of the poor, jobs will be lost too.  What makes a developed country different from an underdeveloped one is that in developed countries, even the poor can meet their needs!

The government NEEDS to wake up.  Communities like these are really VERY STINKY and disease-spreading.  If you ask me, these are not business conducive areas but rather butthurt, stinky, you can say it all you want BAD. FOR. BUSINESS.  This is really proof of Filipino mediocre satisfied with the trash they are in rather than working hard while accepting limitations.  The "humanitarian" appeal does not work.  In fact, they have to be thrown out immediately and jailed!  Even the poor people who have their own house and lots are affected by such evils!

I may not be a fan of Bianca Gonzalez but I appreciate her concerns of going against squatters.  In fact, hoe many people including the POOR work for their lots only to be infested by squatters?  I hate to think of the poor who had worked hard to get a decent lot and house, only for that area to be infested with squatters.  I mean, some of the good rich people have invested money to help not only themselves but their employees   In fact, kudos to Bianca Gonzales for really voicing against squatters!


  1. Like what I've been saying, if the government has no intention at all in improving their lives, then they should just go ahead and kill these squatters instead. Problem solved for them, right.....?


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