If Pinoys are the Greatest Race in the World, Then Why is the Philippines Hardly Improving?

It's annoying and stupid to how many percent of the Filipino race is sad to say, well pretty much bragging about their Pinoy identity (to which Joshua Cuyos now wants to differentiate Filipino from Pinoy, to where he uses Pinoy as a term for lowly Filipinos) then I was thinking about the reality of this.  I've remembered how many Filipinos say they're better than the Chinese, they are better than the Japanese, in fact they are better than the rest of the world but here's the REAL situation of the Philippines to why it doesn't improve:

The Philippines is heavy on loan because of the habit of many Pinoys who borrow money today and don't pay it back.  Mind you, that is very annoying that some of the poor do that to their fellow poor.  It's no wonder why a lot of Filipinos are heavy in debt.  What I realize is that the Philippine is heavy in debt and it still is.  You have to think that many Pinoys are overspenders... if they can't afford it they immediately charge it to their credit cards.  This can be linked to wasteful habits like not consuming one's food on the table and throwing away consumable food that could have been reheated for tomorrow.

I know there are Filipinos who succeed and there are talented Filipinos and in every race, there are talented people.  But the whole problem is that no matter how exaggerated Juan Tamad's story is, many Pinoys ride on the success of their successful fellow Filipinos thinking they can succeed without the hard work or talent.  In fact, one has to realize real Filipino talent is hardly noticed in the Philippines until it goes abroad.  WTF?  Being lazy is one huge trait among Pinoys resulting to them to cheating, drug dealing, stealing, etc. to make easy money to support their expensive lifestyle.

Pinoys are known for not being on-time compared to Filipinos.  In fact, it's time to rename Filipino time as Pinoy time.  We follow Philippine time that is if it's 3:00 P.M. in the Philippines, you show up at that time!  This is in short or can be connected to the Pinoy vice of not following simple guidelines.  The guidelines are there, follow it.  Also another good example of Filipinos not following simple guidelines can be traced to urinating in public areas and throwing their trash just anywhere.

We can add that to the false sense of nationalism.  Why does the Philippine government demand having a percentage share of foreign companies that do business here?  I mean haven't they realized that developed countries like America and Japan allow 100% ownership in foreign based firms as long as they comply to legal regulations.  Even a Communist country like China is smarter than the democrazic Filipino government.


  1. "Even a Communist country like China is smarter than the democrazic Filipino government." - I guess Philippines right now is more communist than either China, Vietnam, Cuba, or even North Korea; albeit, a yellow one... :P


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