My Opinions are Subject to Change

One thing is certain, a critic refers to facts and has his/her opinions.  You might want to think of "critic" Fantasy Leader who actually has detailed criticism of some things he likes like video games and Tokusatsu.  I could be a "critic" in a way or there is the statement "Everyone's a critic but not everybody's a good one."  As said, some things are objective while some things are subjective.  A fact is a fact while an opinion is based on facts.

Here's some areas where my opinions are subject to change and I can't list them all:

Video game reviews.  I would agree with some things Angry Joe has to say like how great MK9 is.  However some people who are Tekken fans may not find the game oh so great since they are more used to Tekken's fighting engine and may consider Tekken 6 better.  As said, this is subjective to opinion.

Tokusatsu in itself.  You may use to like something before and not like it now.  For example, somebody who likes Power Rangers before may not become a Sentai fantard but he can dislike Power Rangers eventually without hating it, then he or she prefers Super Sentai.  I also used to hate Heisei Riders because of the "change" until I checked them out.  I used not to like newer Sentai but I have given them a chance though I still think 80s-90s Sentai are still the best.

Appreciation of physical beauty can be subject to change.  Sometimes an older woman past her prime can look better than a younger woman (ex. Gloria Romero as an old woman looks better than some young girls I know).  I could also start with this Kimberly vs. Jasmine battle.  In my way, I voted Kimberly over the other girls but I would confess behind the scenes I voted Mako as the hottest one.  For me, Ciara Hanna's not all that hot compared to Rin Takanashi.

Flavor of foods.  I remembered ChrisX saying he prefers Japanese curry best so I guess he doesn't like Indian food in general but I do.  However as a child, I used to dislike spicy food but as time went on, I acquired a tasted for spicy foods.  I was mostly used to Chinese cooking but as I grew up, I started eating Japanese, Korean, Indian, Filipino and Persian cooking.  I don't know if my opinion about Thai food will change though.