Philippines and Pollution... Just More Proof Many Pinoys Don't Follow Simple Guidelines!

Isn't the picture ugly?  Yup that is the ugly result of Pinoy pride which isn't good for the economy and there is really a lot of pride among Pinoys to them breaking the rules.  Some of them have this anarchy mindset saying, "No system can give freedom." type of nonsense.  Really, if society had no rules then all the cars will run into each other.  Unfortunately many Pinoys abuse their freedom and actually, this is the result of their so-called freedom... lots and lots of pollution.

Simple guidelines are broken and here are the consequences and they are just a few but be aware of this:

1.) Not following proper dumping procedures.  Here are some examples:
  • People throwing their garbage left and right and the next thing you know, you get a mess like smoky mountain.  
  • People tend to urinate and defecate in places where they should not be allowed like rivers and streets. This can destroy the supply of drinking water and all that human waste attracts insects and rodents which can spread lots of disease.
  • People who dump their factory wastes into the bodies of water may only save money now, the next thing is that they might even have no more money because they have affected the livelihood of others.

2.) Not following cleanliness procedures encourages pollution.  It's really something to know how many Filipino government offices tend not to maintain their toilet rooms properly.  You can see the flush handle is broken, it stinks, etc. and you name it and I don't want to elaborate much on it lest I puke.

3.) Not obeying engine laws concerning cars.  If one doesn't have one's engine tested, it will release a lot of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, which in turn will cause a lot of serious problems.  Also, having a pollution-heavy engine can also destroy the car itself.

Is it any wonder why the Philippines is so dirty?