The Stupidity of Pinoy Pridists Who Ride on the Achievements of Successful Filipinos Overseas

The names like Lea Salonga-Chien, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Architect Leondro Locson, pianist Cecil Licad, Lydia de Vega who once was the world's fastest woman are successful Filipinos.  There's nothing wrong with a Filipino excelling in any area but the problem has to be the stupidity of Pinoy pridists and their free riding habits.  For Pinoy Pridists, they immediately say, "Ha!  We Filipinos are the greatest in the world!" which can also drive to some of them divided among themselves because some go against foreign things, the others don't which may require a sub-category for them soon.  This isn't only applicable to Filipinos but to every other race that tends to think their race is better than the others just because of one achiever from their race.

However what Pinoy pridists fail to see is this- the success of every successful Filipino should never be attributed to race but rather to talent and work.  There are successful people regardless of any race and Filipinos are no exception to that rule.  However Pinoy pridists tend to ride on the hard work and/or talent of their fellow Filipinos which can result in rather stupid results here and abroad.  Here are some examples:

1.) A Pinoy pridist applies for a singing contest and he or she has a very terrible voice.  After being justly ousted, he or she will say, "Don't you see we Filipinos are the greatest singers in the world?  Are you blind?  Don't you know Lea Salonga and Regine Velasquez (or insert name of any good Filipino singer)."  Then the judges say, "Well some Filipinos have won here but you're not one of them.  Sorry but you sound like a squealing pig."

2.) A Pinoy pridist of an architect does a lousy job in his architectural projects.  It really flunks the engineer's testing and that of course, you should consider that it was not worth accepting or he/she has a bad attitude with his/her customers.  Then he/she starts to argue, "How dare you reject me?  Don't you know that Leandro Locsin is the famous Filipino architect in Brunei?"  Then the customer answers, "Well he was a Filipino architect but not all of them are good."

3.) A Pinoy pridist tries to audition for piano but is sadly not musically inclined.  He/she gets rejected then tries the Cecil Licad appeal.  Then the answer is, "Well Cecil Licad is a talented Filipino pianist and you are not.  I doubt it she'll accept you as well."

4.) A Pinoy pridist joins a marathon and loses.  Then he/she sees a non-Filipino win the cup and then he /she says, "That's not fair!  I should have won.  Lydia de Vega is Filipino and so am I."  Really, that's obvious that Lydia de Vega won fair and square, that athlete lost fair and square too.

Really, you can see how STUPID Pinoy pride is.


  1. This is/ will be the demise of the Filipino nation if this so called "Pinoy Pride" attitude sticks.. Cripples improvement.

    1. I agree with you on that. You are right. Pinoy pridists should make their own nation instead.


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