Making Your Pictures "Pop Out"

So far, I have tried another experiment with making 3D pictures in Photoshop. Here's Victoria Justice going to go 3D.

So how was this done?  Here are the steps:

.) Open any file in Adobe Photoshop.
2.) Duplicate the background twice.
3.) For the first duplicated layer, turn off red and name it cyan and as for the second layer, turn off green and blue and name it "red".
4.) Now for the meantime, turn off the visibility of the second layer. Start to move the first duplicated layer, make sure the red outlines are at the right.
5.) Darken the first layer.
6.) For the second layer, darken the layer. Start moving either left or right. Try to prevent any red/green lines from appearing by moving in between the two duplicated layers.
7.) Remember it takes trial and error to do so.

Here's my finished work with no red/green lines. This is 3D pictures without the need for the red/cyan glasses.