Satirical News: Sayaka Akimoto Berates Kornina Sanchez for Wishing Typhoon to Hit Japan Only!

Sayaka Akimoto's priceless reaction against Kornina Sanchez!

Sayaka Akimoto, half-Japanese and half-Filipino former AKB48 star read what Kornina Sanchez said on ABiaS-CBN. During the live broadcast, former vice president and sensationalist reporter Noli de Castro said, "Half of Philippines, half of Japan." Kornina replied, "Let Japan have all the typhoon, they can handle it better." She had responded on her Twitter account. She purposely wrote the entry in Tagalog to make sure only people who spoke the language understood.

On Twitter she wrote in Tagalog, "Kornina Sanchez, I hope the storm will take you away! You are a disgrace to every decent Pinoy out there!" The tweet created outrage in the Internet. Fans of ABiaS-CBN all trolled Sayaka's account. However she chose not to respond to them directly. Instead she wrote in Tagalog, "Failipinos are such sore losers, a disgrace to every decent Pinoy especially those who follow Kornina so blindly."

The unfortunate event led to a Twitter war between Failipinos and Sayaka. Some decent Pinoys who were her fans backed her up. One Pinoy wrote on Sayaka's account, "They are always sore losers. ABiaS-CBN is always protecting the worst like Krisis Aquino and Kornina Sanchez." Unfortunately for her, a huge battle was drawn. Krisis Aquino responded by trolling her account. As a result, she blocked a lot of people on Twitter.

Later Sayaka was interviewed by Jessica Soho from GMA-7. She stated in Tagalog, "It's unbelievable that Kornina Sanchez of ABiaS-CBN. It's unbelievable, rude and crude for Kornina Sanchez to say she wishes the whole storm will go to Japan and spare the Philippines. Being half of each, I am offended by what she said. Even my relatives in the Philippines were offended. Really... why is it that the people of Imperial Manila are such sore losers. I became a Tourism Goodwill Ambassador to help both my halves. People like Kornina are definitely no good. She should just shut up. Too bad that ABiaS-CBN won't fire her. They always protect her and Krisis Aquino." However the interview was cut short when Tori Matsuzaka chased Jessica Soho with his Shinkenmaru for not keeping her word of honor to meet him as agreed.

Senator Bum Aquino formally wrote an apology on Sayaka's Twitter on behalf of ABiaS-CBN. He stated, "Sorry for the inconvenience Sayaka. I just love Japan because it's the home of JAV. I wish you can star in Koichi's newest movie as the leading lady for a porn movie." Bum's statements were translated into Japanese by Koichi Suckamoto to who he is currently a disciple to. On the other hand, Sayaka also slammed Bum on Twitter for inviting her to star in a porn movie to be directed by Koichi Suckamoto with a statement, "GO TO HELL BUM!"