Transforming Babuyan Islands Into... the Pinoypines or Better Yet Failippines!

At first, I thought of finding some uncharted island for Failipino activists to create their own separate state.  Instead, I had the fun of thinking what if Babuyan Island or the islands above can be their separate state.  So what's a Failipino?  They are the population of bad Pinoys who have that misguided sense of nationalism, they usually hate foreigners and they think they are the greatest race on Earth.  They believe that they are more capable than the already incompetent politicians or two, they are already thinking that the Philippines should only be for Pinoys, not for other ethnic groups.  So I guess the Babuyan Islands should be their possible place for a nation OR just one of the islands.  Either way, it might actually "solve" the leftist problem.

I started to think of the whole problem of Pinoy ahem Failipino leftists.  Not every Pinoy is a Failipino, some are decent minded and open-minded ones.  On the other hand, I started to think about what Failipino leftists may want.  I would have myself believing they want a Pinoy-only state, expel any "foreign influence" they hate and start and they oppose foreigners right?  I would want to have the Babuyan Islands as their possible archipelago state.  This might start their own system I can call as the "Pinoypines" named after the Pinoy ethnicity.  But they still want "Filipino soil" right?  So why not give them the Babuyan Islands?  The name might even fit them right?

Which I have thought of it... why not exile those simple minded FLIFPAGs to the Babuyan Islands and grant them their SEPARATE STATE.  It might actually start cleaning up Imperial Manila of garbage that should have been cleaned up years ago.  They can create this separate state... name it what they want.  Maybe Pinoy Pride Landia or whatever.  They might as well try to create their own separate state where their values will persist.  So I wonder how long can it last?!