Crazy Idea: The Misadventures of Kimberly and Mei

My own fantasy has Rin Takanashi and Erina Nakayama team up in a series called "The Misadventures of Kimberly and Mei".  While they are NOT Kimberly from MMPR and Mei from Zyuranger but some characteristics were ported.  Now for character overview...

Kimberly Haro- Haro is a pun on "Hart".  She is somewhat based on Kimberly from MMPR but a more mature one.  She's a pre-school teacher who loves kids (although she also teaches Nihonggo), she has a nice singing voice and can play the guitar.  Like Kimberly, she doesn't hesitate to be blunt to anyone who annoys her.  Due to her profession as a teacher, she has become less fashionable although she does get trendy as well outside of work.  Like Kimberly in MMPR, her fighting ability isn't all that great but she can fight.  She uses a kendo stick to fight against perverts.  She was named Kimberly by her American mother making her half-American, half-Japanese... and she holds both Japanese and American citizenship.

Mei Rishiya- Her mom called her Mei because of her heavy resemblance to her Auntie Reiko and the character Mei in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.  Like Mei in Zyuranger, she easily breaks down to tears but she is a tough fighter.  She is more determined and tougher than Kimberly (she also has the art of cosplaying which she teaches to Kimberly) who she meets plus she is an archery expert, fighting perverts everywhere.  She is a newbie schoolteacher who teaches Mathematics.  She also won't hesitate to attack my perverted female believing any form of perversity to be evil.  She also practices archery behind the scenes as taught by her Auntie Reiko.

Tomi Omura- Kimberly Haro's fiance and boyfriend.  He is dedicated to martial arts and he is currently a paleontologist.  He teaches in the same school Kimberly teaches.  He organized the girls to form the Anti-Pervert Girls due to the fact that the school has had too many perverts.  Since most of the victims are girls, he organized Kimberly and Mei as a fighting duo.