Do Filipinos Wonder Why The Philippines Has NO DIRECTION?!

Don't worry!  If you failed to meet One Direction... you can still meet these guys!

The poster above says it all, "Ever wonder why this country has No Direction?"  For starters, the Philippines had developed the foundations of oligarchy, corrupt governance and bad spending during the Macoy Administration.  Although the late Cory's administration began to write laws against political dynasties (a law not so well implemented), freedom of speech and re-establishing democracy... even she refused to re-run to keep her word.  But the problem has to be her retarded son President Nobita.

So what are the reasons why the Philippines has No Direction?  Let's look at the following areas:

Irresponsible Leadership

There's no doubt that the Philippines is plagued with irresponsible leadership.  While Philippine GDP is increasing BUT one cannot deny that President Nobita is not even fit for presidency.  You cannot trust a child in an adult's body for a President.  Just think... all he does is BLAME GLORIA for what goes wrong in his administration.  He doesn't even take responsibility for his mistakes.

Political Dynasties

The voters are best called "bobotante".  Bobo is stupid in Filipino.  They are stupid voters.  Why did Cory become President?  Because of Ninoy's death.  Why did Nobita become a politician?  Because of Cory and Ninoy.  Why did Nobita become President?  Because Cory died and Ninoy was well-loved then Bum Aquino becomes Senator all because of his resemblance to an uncle he NEVER MET.  Then we have the problem of the Bitays in Makati... father is a president, one son is a mayor, one daughter is a Senator.  We also have the problem of the Estradas.  Sherap becomes President, a lot of his children become Senators and Unggoy is definitely worse than his father, a reason why I regret voting for Unggoy.

The Political Arena is Full of Aliens and Predators For Candidates

While the late Cory restored democracy, the problem of bad governance was also a problem.  Power outages were prevalent during Cory's administration.  Much of the Philippines suffering one month no electricity thanks to Ruping.  However the foundations of bad governance were rooted during the Macoy Administration.  Today the Philippines continues to suffer from its effects.  After Cory and Ramos, we have the problems of Sherap, Gloria and Nobita.  Looking at President Nobita, he's just the type to keep snoozing and worse, he pardoned Antonio Traitores IV.  You cannot deny that the Philippines has a history of NOT LOCKING UP political criminals, no wonder being a politician is more fun in the Philippines.

Economic Protectionism

The Philippines is still stuck with cronyism even after the Macoy Presidency was defeated.  Allowing foreign firms to own only 40% while Filipinos own 60% in a joint venture agreement is NOT a give and take.  A 50/50 model would have worked better and joint ventures are still an alternative BUT a flexible ownership scheme is better.  It's very discouraging to invest abroad and you don't get a flexible ownership scheme.  60/40 is a huge picture of the Failipino Sore Loser Mentality which every decent Pinoy rejects.

EPAL candidates

It's no secret that the Philippines is a land of epal candidates.  Being epal means being an attention whore.  They love attention so they do the absurd.  Just think of Bum's amazing picture... working without a bead of sweat and no dirt... that's BOGUS.  And we have Doraemar Roxas transforming into anything but a good leader!  You have them becoming painters and the like just to get attention.  Again the saying goes, "Bobo Ang Maniniwala" or "Only Idiots Believe" because a lot of Filipinos in general are being dumbed down by the government.

Poor law enforcement

It's hard for me to forget the Rolando Mendoza Incident.  The incident alone is an indicator of PNP's incompetence and idiocy. Instead of doing something to get out of incompetence and idiocy, people just continue in their butthurt and victim card mentality.  The Rolando Mendoza Incident is a huge blow on Philippine tourism.  Seriously, only an idiot would think it's more fun to be a hostage in the Philippines!

Victim Card Mentality

This mentality is, "I'm never wrong for I am the victim."  Failipinos as bad Filipinos always play the victim card on every decent Filipino and everyone else.  You cannot deny how the Victim Card Mentality is obvious in many situations.  Whether it was the Flor Contemplacion execution or the Three Drug Mules, they always try to make EVERY guilty Filipino look innocent to the world.

Corrupt Taxation System

The problem didn't start with Kill Henares.  VAT and E-VAT were already implemented even before Kill became the BIR Konsomisyoner.  The BIR is better called the Bureau of Internal Robbery.  It unjustly taxes people of their hard work.  Worse, it also protects RICH tax evaders who are cronies of the government.  It charges 32% for income that's equivalent to PHP 500,000.00 while other countries charge less.  In doing high tax rates, the BIR discourages income earning, encourages cronyism and laziness as well.

Bogus government projects

Money Villar is the best poster boy for that.  Ghost projects suck out the public funds which goes into the founder's pockets.  Many of them claim to be building infrastructures, claim the money is used to buy supplies but the reality is... the project DOES NOT exist.

People Who Refuse to Follow SIMPLE GUIDELINES

It's a problem for people to FOLLOW SIMPLE GUIDELINES.  Habits like littering, not showing up on time, not flushing, etc. makes life not more fun in the Philippines.  It's really a problem for every decent Pinoy to be a victim of Failipinos.

Rewarding the Lazy, Punishing the Diligent

Sad to say but Failipino culture is rewarding the lazy Pinoys while punishing the diligent Pinoy.  It deserves to be called Failipino because it downgrades the Filipino.  Oftentimes, we see how the unjust taxation system extracts too much from achievers while exempting the lazy.  Many people get degrees but NEVER even worked for it.  Squatters get benefits even if they are a nuisance.  Being late is not even considered an offense but as a virtue which punishes On-Time Pinoys.

Pinoy Pride

Decent, enlightened Pinoys have had enough of Pinoy Pride.  Pinoy Pride is a value that makes you proud of being Pinoy REGARDLESS of circumstances.  Pinoy Pridists or FLIPFAGS are people who have their selfish sense of entitlement, lazy, arrogant, inconsiderate, etc.  These types of Pinoys are a huge liability to the well-being of the Philippines.