Satirical News: Capcom Announces New Game Called "Resident Evil: Yellow Zombie Infestation"

After the incident that former president Nobita Aquino mentioned that the Liberal Party will rise again - it caused the people at Capcom to raise eyebrows. Resident Evil 7 producers Masachika Kawata and Tsuyoshi Kanda announces that they will release a new Resident Evil game.

The game's plot will take place in the Philippines. The plot involves old school characters in Resident Evil such as Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker. In this game Wesker makes a deal with a fallen Filipino political party. Umbrella Corporation manages to establish a branch in the Philippines no thanks to corrupt politicians. The result soon released a third virus called the Yellow Virus giving birth to a new breed of zombies called Yellow Zombies.

New Filipino characters will be established. The protagonist will be a Filipino member of STARS who will temporarily be known as known as Jules Mercado. Her role as the protagonist is to save the Philippines from a possible zombie apocalypse. Other characters also involve President Mar Resibo and Vice President Antonio Trilliling who will act as one of the game's main antagonists.

Stay tuned for updates.