Satirical News: Agnes Callamard Says Jover Laurio Should Get Nobel Peace Prize For Pinoy Ako Blog

The U.N. Rapporteur or Shabuteur Agnes Callamard heard of the news from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. She was impressed at the fact that Philippine Daily Inquirer made Jover Laurio as "Filipino of the Year".

"I am impressed at Pinoy Ako Blog. It's the most beautiful piece of work done by any Filipino against President Duterte. We should have Jover Laurio nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. If she gets nominated she would make you Filipinos proud. Pinoy Ako Blog is truly a masterpiece that would make every dead Nobel Peace Prize winner proud." said Callamard on on Twitter. The same tweet was later retweeted by Ressa.

A Youtube video soon followed. Like the incident where Marbobo Roxas says that Philippines would have been the richest nation under him, the video interview was met with a million hate comments in just one hour. Comments had to be disabled on CRappler's Youtube channel.

Stay tuned for further developments.