Why Saying "It's Just a Degree" Isn't Always True

One of the things one can say about College education is that, "It's always just a degree."  But how true is is it?  For one, you can name some people who dropped out and succeeded.  But not all dropouts are successes.  On the other hand, some people have a modest education, others don't.  It's a case to case basis.

Now why is the statement "It's just a degree." not always true?  Let's take a look at these professions that require a degree:

When you need a construction project done, remember your engineer and your architect has a degree.

Not anyone can be an engineer.  If you ask me, becoming an engineer is not an easy feat.  It takes people with good technical skills and adept Math skills.  You cannot just design your own complex house and let it stand.  It takes a good architect and a good engineer to get a job done.

When you get sick, remember your doctor has a degree.  

Becoming a doctor is a life/death situation and not everyone can handle it.  If you are to become a doctor, it takes qualification and study.  For example, if you had cancer and you need an operation as soon as possible, can you definitely just go on your own?  While it certainly helps to have a certain degree of independence, you cannot deny how being a doctor cannot be an easy job.  Who does the diagnosis?  Doctors!  Who does the prescription?  Doctors!  And being a doctor is no walk in the park having to take pre-medical and medicine proper.

When you need legal matters dealt with, remember your lawyer has a degree.

While it's true that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs didn't have degrees but you cannot deny that every successful company has a company lawyer.  That company lawyer went to College.  You cannot deny that the company lawyer has a diploma.  The company lawyer guides through the processes of the company.  Without him, Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs wouldn't be able to move forward.  Every lawyer deals with every line of specialty from criminal to real estate.

Remember successful dropouts employ College graduates.

Now one can say, "Well Bill Gates was a dropout." BUT guess who he is hiring?  He definitely isn't hiring hoodlums and hobos, he's looking for people who have a College diploma.  Programmers, accountants and others fill up the labor force.  Without a labor force, you cannot really have a company.  Bill Gates is not Bill Gates without all the people who work under him.


One can see that some people may succeed without a degree while others won't.  If everyone were Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, there will be no software development team.  If everybody were John Gokongwei, there would be no workforce for Robinson's.  If everybody were Lucio Tan, who will operate his businesses?  So next time, just think... the it's just a degree statement is not always true.