My Understanding Why Overseas Failipino Workers Usually Remain Poor

This is in response to Paul Farol to which I will share my experience.  For the Get Real Philippines' version, click here.  Now I would like to send this response to Paul Farol of Get Real Philippines community.  It greatly concerns me as a Filipino-Chinese about my countrymen and to why Filipinos are around the world, not because they are taking over the world but are LOOKING FOR JOBS all over the world.  Overseas Filipino WORKER means that they are under the control of a foreigner.

Now the article I read from Paul Farol and it does include insights.  Let me write my own version which focuses on the Overseas Failipino Workers.  While there are decent Overseas Filipino Workers, they are however frequently overshadowed by the real threat and parasite that is the Overseas Failipino Workers.  Now I have written on how enlightened Pinoys can make a difference in Singapore, now I will talk about how Overseas Failipino Workers to why they remain poor.  I will talk based on my experience.

Now the typical Pinoy mindset is far different than the enlightened Pinoy.  They have the idea of their "sharing the glory".  The Failipino may have a huge spending budget because it's "Pinoy" for them to have their habits of fiesta, overspending and their twisted view of happiness.  Some of them even view the foreign land (never mind how many of them are actually leftists, always asking foreigners out then seeking foreign ground for work, what hypocrites)... as a land of milk and honey never mind some real incidents that happened.  For example, have they even forgotten the incident where most Arabian male bosses aren't known to treat women as equals?  It cannot be underestimated that some of the work zones are actually war zones like Libya and Kuwait.  Some of them are greener pastures but cannot adjust to the Failipino mindset.

Now some Pinoy workers abroad are decent and worth praising.  They teach their children to value the money that was sent and get mad when their family squanders the money.  They refuse to hand out money to leeches.  But one problem now is this... with how the Imperial Spanish rule went for 400 years and the Philippines got named after Philip II of Spain... you cannot deny how FLIPFAG values are mostly of Spanish influence.  Sad to say but Spanish colonies aside from the Philippines are very, very dysfunctional.  You can take a look at South American countries who are even poorer than the Philippines.  With these values come along with the value of parasitism, laziness, the wrong form of fellowship and so on.  For one, Spain was kicked out of the Philippines but its toxic influence had actually remained from generation to generation.  It has created Failipinos out of many Filipinos and sadly, like the stereotypical Spanish, the Failipino carries arrogance and the tendency to be lazy.

Based on experience, I remembered some stories of Overseas Failipino Workers.  Some OFWs return with a decent amount of cash, invest it wisely and become small time but progressive businessmen.  However I have noticed the problem with the Failipino who tends to treat the idea of foreigners on Filipino soil as evil but the idea of Filipinos around the world as grand.  I couldn't forget even from the fabricated movie called the Flor Contemplacion movie and later the story of Russel Contemplacion from Magpakailanman.  Sometimes I can't help but think of why do Overseas Failipino Workers remain poor is because of one keyword- "OVERSPENDING".  Remember the keyword is overspending.

I remembered an accounting students' group's study on the spending habits of Overseas Filipino Workers in general.  Sad to say but based on her sample study, a good portion of the sample population they got, most OFWs are known to be overspenders.  For example, one study showed some examples of overspending OFW can be found among flight attendants, sailors and some of them even maids.  I don't know how true this is but according to my ex-girlfriend, salary in Singapore is pretty huge since it's a developed country.  They feel "new" to the money and decide to celebrate with it rather than save it.  In a Failipino vs. enlightened Pinoy mindset, one can see the difference.  Most Pinoys are stereotypical to love partying so every pay day is a party.  How does this fit into the poverty of the Overseas Failipino Worker?

One knows about the Balikbayan Box.  A Balik-Bayan in English means one who has spent some time abroad and has returned after some time.  Now nothing is wrong with the Balikbayan Box for the family but it can become a problem when extend relatives are involved.  It's a typical pain that Failipino culture rewards the lazy and punishes the diligent.  What happens is that for the Overseas Failipino Worker, they are obligated by their "patriotism" to support their lazy relatives or else they are not Filipino.  For them being Filipino means staying true to bad traditions like being always late, not following guidelines and supporting parasites.  Even in the local environment, one can see the absurd like how my former manservant earns a minimum wage BUT dares to support that lazy nephew of his.  It's even implied that he raises more than one lazy nephew along with their live-in partners.  If you ask me, that kind of insanity is typical among Pinoys except enlightened Pinoys!

If the Balikbayan Box wasn't enough, there must be a hero's celebration but who is spending?  The "hero" is the one who spends. In practical tradition, friends should be the one to spend for the celebrant, not the other way around but wait... because they are overspenders, how can they have that kind of money to celebrate for the celebrant?  Again the age old problem of rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent remains.

Perhaps another keyword that should be taken not of is "work ethics".  Sad to say but Failipino workers aren't known to follow guidelines abroad.  For them, since Filipinos are flying around the world ergo the Filipinos are taking over the world and ruling it.  What they fail to see (on purpose) is that the meaning of Overseas Filipino Worker means WORKER,.. you are subordinate to your foreign boss.  An Overseas Filipino Worker in China is not taking over China, he is a servant in China!  Wherever the Overseas Filipino Worker goes, he is subjected to the rules of that country.  If he or she does a crime, he or she must DO THE TIME!

I was reading of some problems in Singapore and Filipino workers, fortunately the government doesn't view the Pinoy population as a total menace.  Now it's unfair to generalize all Pinoys, there are good Pinoys who work abroad, no questions asked.  But the problem of bad work ethics combined with overspending is an utter disaster.  Now let's think about two Pinoys who work in Taiwan.  The enlightened Pinoy shows up on time, does work properly and the Failipino does the opposite of the enlightened Pinoy.  Now not all foreign companies are quick to lay off people who don't get promoted.  The problem can be being in the same position for 20 YEARS because of bad work habits.  Such people are soon to be laid off when something goes wrong with the economy or two, they might be candidates for firing because they aren't working properly.  They just work there for the salary to use for their monkey business and are fair weathered workers.  Fortunately enlightened Pinoys abroad are still working hard.  Being a leech is certainly more fun in the Philippines or any country with such idiocy.

And the third keyword is "leeches".  What are these leeches?  These are those unnecessary people to take care of or the family members that do nothing.  For example, the housewife is not taking care of the home, instead she is going shopping and gambling... not good.  Maybe the wife has a job or not... still she doesn't manage the money properly.  Then you have the problem of children who use the remittances for their monkey businesses.  If that's not all, why not attach the friends and relatives too right?  After all, isn't it Filipino ahem Failipino custom to reward the lazy and punish the diligent?  One may consider that I have mentioned previously about the partying.... now let's talk about the effect of these leeches.

Now how do these leeches also contribute to poverty aside from work ethics and overspending?  Simple... the more leeches attached to you, the higher the chances your lifeblood will be drained off right?  Leeches are dangerous parasites, the more the deadlier.  Likewise these leeches are known to do nothing and demand a lot.  That means instead of just one Balikbayan Box, there's two, three or even more.  I mean, I even find one Balikbayan Box to be shocking to look at considering I'm a modest spender these days.  I don't immediately buy what I want because I know I may need the money later.  I won't buy anything just because I can afford it.  Problem is these leeches are lazy overspenders.... and they do nothing but wait for the "hero" to return who is obligated to give them a feast.  Worse, if the Overseas Filipino Worker decides to become a Failipino by taking pleasure in raising them like how many leech-breeders I've known.

However I can't help but salute every OFW who is with a plan, not an OK Fine Whatever.  The Philippines however can't rely too much on OFWs, it must OPEN UP.  It must allow better economic policies, only getting rid of exploitative agencies while allowing higher degrees of ownership, get rid of cronyism (alternately called protectionism) AND time to have a Pinoy Cultural Revolution to make the new Pinoy.


  1. Failipinos are a bunch of freeloaders... -_-

    1. You are right about that Dhathor!

      For one, the cycle is... go abroad, after one year, return to the Philippines, cater to relathieves, then rinse cycle and repeat.

      Failipinos are free loaders because they ride on the backs of Filipinos who are working hard. Every decent Pinoy who works hard is either their next target or enemy!


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