I Was Once In Love with A Lady Deathstrike!

So one of my better rejections was this... I was in love with a woman who I thought was decent but in reality, she was a real bad girl to the core.  And I would consider this relationship to a relationship with a Lady Deathstrike because she was deadly indeed.  One thing was noteworthy how she was a deadly, manipulative bitch like Aunt Medusa in Rescuers, greedy, materialistic and she also chose to go out with wicked men.  Her greatest game was always her ability to pretend she is a good and innocent girl but she always otherwise had a back-up evil personality.  Plus, she had her own set of guards and I am glad I never got romantic with her.

But this was also the start of a revenge story that really hurt a lot of people involved!  This was also the very time I soon started to want to have my revenge on her by dating better looking girls which started with my ex-girlfriend who was hurt by this particular revenge thread.  For me, I wanted to get even with her because I was maybe, serious with her.  She was a family friend but what I didn't realize is that she was a freaky nasty bitch.  My ex-girlfriend wasn't aware of the reason why I dated her back then, until later she realized I was planning to date girls for REVENGE.  All that soon started a cycle of hatred which made me soon challenge one of her ex-boyfriends who was dead serious with her... but she cheated on him.  Cheating is never acceptable regardless of gender.

I soon started to consider her and her group as a real plague.  I would dare admit that attraction was more based on insanity than lust.  It was trying to outdo my former rival who lost interest in her and is now married after what could be a quick relationship.  My obsession with her started to turn into the desire to get rid of her... PERMANENTLY!  I always viewed all the insults she hurled at me as if they were slashes done by Adamantium claws and I wanted to finish her off because of every last insult she hurled against me.  It did not take long either that I soon was obsessed with revenge... wasting my precious energy when there are decent girls out there.  Even my ex-girlfriend who forgave me and remained friends with me wanted to help me get better girls.  But I was only after revenge which proved I still had some romantic interest until I realized she wasn't worth my time.

Which of course, I soon once again started to gain interest again in that China girl who I would describe as, "The love interest where I'm trying to draw water from a dry well because she will never reciprocate my feelings." but it was never without liking other girls.  I mean, in the middle of me trying to court the China girl, I was also in a way in love with the half-Swiss beauty.  I did notice I wanted to have both girls at once to get revenge on that Lady Deathstrike... again it never entered my head as if she cared about it.  Or if she's a vindictive brat... she would kill also every girl I have not because she wants me because she wants to make my life miserable.  She's only happy when others are miserable.

What really happened prove she was dysfunctional.  She would brag of her relationship with that bad boy who soon left her for another woman.  What I realized was that some victories can prove to be one's undoing.  When i went away from her life, she soon started to bully others with her vindictive behavior and she was soon sour because that bad boy she chose over me, cheated on her.  Well as said, what goes around always comes around.  For all, all I can say is it was never easy to be in love with a Lady Deathstrike!