Something I Can't Deny... Studious Girls with a Certain Degree of Attractiveness Tend to Get My Attention the Most!

While I was evaluating some of my better infatuations like some girl who looks like Sayuri Uchida, my former infatuation who looks like Haruka Suenaga and my half-Swiss friend were all studious girls.  Heck, even my so-called first crush and my real first crush were all studious girls.  So what do I like about studious girls?  It's simple... there is always a brain behind a man... most great men had their wives helping them either openly or not.

So I'd like to talk about a bit of my so-called first crush and my real first crush.  For my so-called first crush, she was a very studious girl who I finally realized, I did have some feelings for her.  For my real first crush, she was studious bookworm like Belle was in Beauty and hte Beast and I soon had a habit of falling for near-sighted girls at the same time... which was unusual to why I even fell for my high school stalker.

The attraction type led me to further attractions.  In high school while I did like my ex-girlfriend but she was not the studious.  Then it came I had one geeky crush who I quickly forgot because some new student who looks like Sayuri Uchida quickly came into my life.  At the same time I was in love with the "campus queen" who was also a studious, non-vain girl who rejected my rude advances.  Also, I had two previous crushes two years older than I am who were pretty but were more known for their brains.  Then in College, I fell for a girl who looks like Haruka Suenaga and that geeky China girl.

Perhaps another fetish I tend to have on certain girls who have a certain degree of attractiveness are those who are also scientifically inclined.  In short, I would rather date an average looking geeky girl who's near-sighted vs. a hot supermodel.  In fact, I got a lot of ridicule chasing that geeky China girl when she wasn't even popular to the boys because she was boyish and geeky... but I fell for her anyway.

So in short, while I do get attracted to pretty girls but in real life, a pretty (or average looking) girl in a laboratory gown or attorney's attire is what catches my attention the most.  Or sometimes, I would admit that a school teacher who's attractive gets my attention these days.  And I would admit that I did fall in love with a psychics major (but she wasn't pretty) and was determined to marry her though I quickly forgot about her.  And I would say that why I even fell for the Haruka Suenaga lookalike was more of her brains than beauty that attracted me more to want her... even when my half-Swiss friend was already made known to me.