Four Reasons Why Being in Politics is More Fun in the Philippines!

President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuanco Aquino says it all!

Philippine politics has gone downhill from the time of Marcos down to Nobita.  Sad to say that even with President Nobita's term as president until 2016... the problem is that political dynasties still exist.  While the 1987 Constitution SHOULD remove the protectionism policy, it must also enforce the Anti-Political Dynasty law.  It's already causing trouble to the Philippines.

Now why do political dynasties exist?  There are many reasons but here are a few reasons and it DOES NOT take a genius to understand this:

Bum Aquino's eloquence deceives the simple-minded!

1.) Voters are easily carried away by fair speeches and campaigns

The poster above of Bam Aquino spells it out right.  All who believed his "sweatless labor" are indeed deemed as "Bobo Ang Maniniwala"... or "The Idiot Believes" because HOW CAN ANYONE WORK UNDER THE HEAT OF THE SUN AND NOT HAVE A SINGLE BEAD OF SWEAT?  It's stupid and it doesn't take a genius to figure out something is wrong.  For one, Bum Aquino's speaking ability aside from him being a nephew to the late Ninoy and a cousin to President Nobita got him the win!  Most of the time, I'm tempted to believe he's a pervert.

There was the statement I read that if Jose Rizal were alive today, he would expose the fair speeches.  Fair speeches is not dangerous in itself but the speaker itself is the one who's dangerous.  Some good leaders make such fair speeches.  I prefer to listen to a good speaker but not every good speaker is a good person.  This is the plague called the Eh-Bola Virus.

Sherap and Unggoy... the father/son team that takes advantage of the poor!

2.) It's very easy to put a show with the poor people

Come election time and you can see that the best form of campaigning are not slogans nor posters.  It's not the jingle on TV.  One may consider the jingle that Money Villar and Sherap Estrada used.  Sherap Estrada used the "Sherap Para Sa Mahirap" which means "Sherap For the Poor" campaign in order to win the hearts of the masses.  So what did Sherap do to win the 1998 presidency?  He and his son Unggoy went to the urban poor, ate with them, gave goods, made a show and not really rehabilitate the slums.  Slums are indeed good areas for show business.

After Sherap, Money Villar also did the same effective swindle.  Even if he didn't become President, he still had votes anyway.  Now President Nobita may have defeated him but he became a Sinator by deceit.  The Villar jingle always had him as a pro-poor people.  Even when he lost the Presidency, Money still got a good support even as a Sinator under President Nobita.

Pink, Doraemar, Nobita, Kill and Money form the band called "No Direction"

3.) Popularity BEATS credibility.... EVERY TIME!

Now what's practically wrong with voters?  Simple... they IGNORE CREDIBILITY FOR POPULARITY.  Being popular DOES NOT mean something is credible.  For example, a lot of stuff that are popular are not credible.  While popularity itself is not wrong but the problem is when popularity overrides credibility.  Popularity does not necessarily get rid of credibility of the popular person but it can overshadow the credibility of an unpopular person... if people choose to.  Sad to say that is the problem in the Philippines!

Let's think of a few candidates in the past who won because of popularity.  In 1998 it was the year of Sherap and he won because HE WAS A FAMOUS MOVIE ACTOR.  He got into mayorship because he was an actor.  Likewise, MANY SENATORS who have NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE are Senators because they are popular.  What is worse is that because popularity beats credibility, just think why is it that MANY politicians who deserve to be jailed for life or executed get pardoned later for such terrible offenses.

Vice President Jejomar Binay: How nice will he be to his allies when he becomes President in 2016?
The Bitays have more fun in the Philippines because of the Bitay Dynasty!

4.) Lastly, being in politics means your kin has higher chances to win even with ZERO credibility

It's no surprise clans take advantage of stupid voters.  Right now, we have had the problem of political dynasties and YOU HAVE VOTERS TO THANK FOR IT AS WELL.  So they vote for the relatives of the same clan just because of relationship.  When will they figure it out that President Nobita is NOT the late Ninoy, it was NOT President Nobita who fought against the Macoy Dictatorship during EDSA?!  Then all because of Ninoy you guessed it... a lot of imitations.  Bum Aquino then imitates the uncle HE NEVER MET, President Nobita

In the past, Cory becomes president and guess who follows... her super duper retarded son President Nobita.  After Sherap was elected, guess who followed... a LOT of the Estrada clan members start to butt in and become politicians.  For Makati we have the problem of Jejemon Bitay and the Bitay clan.  Shortly after Jejemon becomes Vice President, one of his daughters Nancy Bitay becomes Senator (and she's a REAL idiot).  The Bitays are indeed a political clan and having Jejemon Bitay for President is NOt a good thing.  Heck, even the Macoys are still in power in spite of a lot of them being plagued with corruption.  Guess what, Bongbong really his father's namesake and evil genius.  He will NOT make a good President for 2016.  The cycle of stupidity will just go on and on thanks to voters and corrupt politicians!