Why the Enlightened Pinoys Not Failipinos Are Those Who Truly Love the Philippines!

Failipinos claims that they love their country, they love everything associated with the country but in the reality, they hate their country without knowing it.  On the other hand, who are those who truly love the Philippines?  Simple we have the enlightened Pinoy as those who truly love the Philippines.  They are the true patriots of the country.

There is the statement, "You can always rebuke without loving but you can never love without rebuking."  A true patriot of the Philippines does not want the dysfunctional Failipino culture to stay in the country nor say, "Well that's what makes life worth living in the Philippines.  It's more fun in the Philippines if our culture stays that way."  They desire to fight for the culture that is destroying the country.  They are like the American Founding Fathers or a group of Jose Rizals... they are those who want to fight to eliminate what is bringing the Philippines down.  They are not afraid to point out what social cancers are in the society, they bravely beg to differ from the Failipino!

So how does the enlightened Pinoy love the country?  They choose to oppose the values that is making the Philippines go down and choose to differ to change the Philippines.  They would do what they can like not throwing their garbage anywhere, flushing the toilet after use, being serious with work, showing up on time, managing money properly, keeping a word of honor... and everything that the Failipino value is opposed to.  They believe that when they follow simple guidelines and show that they are Pinoys who can and who choose to follow simple guidelines, they show that the Pinoy is not a hopeless case but rather, Failipinos are the only Pinoys who choose to remain to be hopeless cases.

Also, such people have the guts to expose the true problem of the country.  Not all of them are destined to lead but think, some of them are keyboard warriors as well.  They write what is wrong with the country. With the age of the Internet, such writings will spread like fire and irritate the Failipino population that so detests the enlightened Pinoys.  They are not afraid to tell everyone that the country needs improvement even if they are mocked with words like, "Who are you, a politician?!"  For them, the truth must be told even if it means saying something stinging.  They are not afraid to tell why the Philippines is high on unemployment and poverty targeting all sectors making the mistake.

Even better, the enlightened Pinoy rejects the Failipino Nazi movement.  For them, they are no better nor worse.  Such Pinoys reject the wrong value of Pinoy Pride,  They are humble Pinoys.  When a fellow Pinoy succeeds, they don't crowd on him or her, instead they say, "Well it was his success not the Philippines!"  Such Pinoys are commendable for their positive image, they refuse to become the typical Pinoy and choose to become the enlightened Pinoy.