So Toei Took Ideas From American Shows?

I just remembered the time I was shocked to learn that Toei created its own version of Spiderman with permission from Marvel. Stan Lee was really impressed and now it's time to look at the meme that has them saying, "Our grandfathers have fought together." Speaking of Toei's own Tokusatsu version of Spiderman, it wasn't all that surprising Toei would later take more ideas from America too.

Robocop's success would soon create spin-offs not in the land of his origin but in the land of Japan. Jiban was created as a monster-slaying Robocop in 1989 and in 1993, Japan created its own fully mechanical version of Robocop in Janperson. Carranger ended up having its Robocop-type character known as Signalman who was later turned into Blue Senturion for Power Rangers Turbo. Yes, Robocop came first and ended up inspiring Toei to create shows based on an American superhero.

And who can't forget Powerpuff Girls Z? Instead of three laboratory accidents turned into adorable girls, you had three teenagers with attitude (and they are not sisters) becoming Japan's very own version of the Powerpuff Girls. Hmmmm... I guess Toei wasn't satisfied with creating a fully mechanical Robocop huh?