Still Having Fond Memories of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season One?

A lot had happened within the span of 20 years and even if my memory of Mighty Morphin' is blur, or the sad fact that Thuy Trang bit the dust so soon but there are times I still feel the desire to watch the first season of Mighty Morphin'. Now I may like Zyuranger better but I still can enjoy watching Power Rangers (some seasons) and still be entertained by it. I may have my comments like, "Well, Power Rangers isn't really my cup of tea but I can still enjoy it.  I see why people like it."

Watching their stage shows, I still think Toei never made the mistake in giving Saban the rights in a business perspective.

Time does fly fast and it does. Though I have to admit, I find it funny that Reiko Chiba had somehow aged faster than Amy Jo Johnson because of the age. I mean, Amy Jo is 45, Reiko Chiba is 40 and also, Amy Jo had more projects, Reiko didn't have that much. But still, a lot of fans owe both ladies for their performances and doing their best to do their parts.