It's Time For Some Yummy Enchilada!

Here's a picture of the delicious Mexican food called Enchilada. It's a tortilla meal filled with a combination of meat, vegetables and cheese as "default filling". After the tortilla is prepared, it is sauced with chili sauce and it's usually served with Mexican rice and refried beans. Why I like this food is because for one, I love strong flavors in cuisine.

There are many ways that enchilada can be prepared though I am more familiar with the different sauces that are served with it. In some restaurants, you may choose the fillings or the type of sauce. There is the red chili sauce and the green chili sauce. The fillings usually have vegetables and meat. Some restaurants give you a choice between chicken, beef and pork. Beef is my favorite and I have tried the green sauce but I am yet to try the red sauce which I believe is spicier than the green sauce.