Satirical News: No Direction Leaks Out Sneak Peek for SONA Performance!

As the day for the SONA approaches, the fans of No Direction are all getting wild for what would be the biggest performance of a lifetime.  Now President Nobita vows to make the 5th SONA of his term as the President of the Philippines more memorable.  Last night, President Nobita uploaded his video of him dancing "Gangnam Stye" which was well received on Youtube!  The video is below:

President Nobita's video revealed his "dance moves" which caused No Direction fans to react.  The video had over 100,000 views last night as fans of No Direction all screamed "Nobita!  Nobita!" as they were watching the president's dance on Youtube.

"OMG!  President Nobita you are so cool!" said a No Directioner "I don't regret spending my tuition fee for the VIP ticket to the No Direction concert!"

Fans of No Direction all gathered together to cheer for President Nobita's sneak peek performance and they all shouted, "Go Nobita!  Go Nobita!"

Money Villar presents his own jingle which he used during the 2010 elections, now that he is a member of No Direction, he also has presented his own preview of his soon to be live performance during the SONA.  Fans of Money Villar all sang the jingle together.  Money Villar also did a rap version which will be fully rapped during the No Direction concert.

Fans are now all anticipating No Direction's first concert this July 28, 2014.  All who bought the tickets be warned, THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR LOST TICKETS!